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I am participating in the 30 Days of Photographs III challenge hosted by Ziva and MikeWJ. And I am apparently not allowed to swear about it. Today’s prompt is above my head, as are most things. Today, I went literal.

umbrella, spokes, girl and dog


Now go check out the other soggy, foul-mouthed participants by clicking the links over at Ziva’s.

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  • Ohh, that’s the cutest umbrella I’ve ever seen! I’d be more than happy to stand under it with you. You know, I used to have a Saint Bernard when I was little, and recently my mom got a new puppy. She’d love this.

    And I’m so glad you haven’t sworn yet. If you had, I’d have to punish you.

  • Dammit! 🙂

  • Um, what! That’s only the greatest umbrella, EVER!!

  • beautiful, artful and useful – love it!

  • Is that dog on your umbrella carrying an umbrella? Cool.

  • So very cute! I guess your weather has been much like ours lately – wet!

  • How cool is that? Is that a Canadian thing? Because we have boring umbrellas over here. Then again, I live in California where people don’t have umbrellas. Except possibly San Francisco, those soggy weirdos.

  • That’s a view seen far too often in the UK this year, thought not as pretty as yours, I bet 😉

  • MikeWJ

    Oh, Nicky-bo-ficky, my darling baby girl! That is such a sweet, girly umbrella you’re carrying. And just EXACTLY the sort of umbrella a dear, sweet, girly-girl like you would carry, too. I can easily picture you in your smart-looking pinafore and braids, with your shiny red shoes and white knee socks, as you skip on your way to the grocery to pick up flour and chocolate chips so that you can bake cookies for your family when get home from work today tired, soggy and hungry. You’re just adorable! *Squee!*

  • I was ok until the “squee” and then I threw up.

  • Michael has you all wrong, Nicky. Of course you are sweet and pretty, but he left off the sexy and hot and brilliant and amazing. Silly man.

  • Coco

    That’s true! And it was nice you have rain there because we can see your pretty umbrella. Wonderful picture.

  • Very nice umbrella. I am pretty sure mine has dry rotted by now with lack of use.

  • That would be shiny red stilettos and knee socks.

  • Now that umbrella would just scare the crap out of me as I would keep thinking that the things printed on it were something else in my peripheral vision. Just like when you leave an umbrella in the garage and when you open it over your head and a bunch of spiders drop down out of it! AIEEEE!

  • Pretty sweet umbrella! Sorry for the rain, but at least you are rocking the umbrella!

  • Cool umbrella. I hope you’re not having all the rain we’ve had over the past several days. It really sucks! I have a feeling when it’s done, the temperature will dive twenty degrees.

  • ladyV

    very nice umbrella. we have rain here too, since yesterday so i know the feeling of soggy

  • Hey Nicky! Nice pic! But wait, what? No swearing?! £$%^&*!! Roth x

  • Cool umbrella! Please send some of that rain down to Texas!

  • Welcome Monique! I’d be happy to, but it keeps dripping out of the FedEx box.

  • Thank you Indigo, thank you very &^$!%#~ much. 🙂

  • We’ve been having rain on and off all week. It’s getting rather depressing.

  • Way to look on the bright side, Lauren! Is it any wonder I drink…? 😉

  • Thanks Katherine. I’d rather be rocking open-toed shoes, though. 🙂

  • Thank you LM, for giving me yet another thing to become obsessed about. Because the list really wasn’t long enough. 🙂

  • I know, I shouldn’t bemoan a bit of rain when others, like you, are suffering an incredibly long drought. I love that you put our logo on the umbrella and now I really want one like that!

  • Thank you Coco! After some of the comments here today, I’m not sure I was fortunate to be able to take a picture of the umbrella. 🙂

  • I heard that, Nicky. Assume the position!

  • Well, to be fair to Michael, he hasn’t met me like you have so he couldn’t possibly know all the hot, sexy, amazing brilliance that is Nicky. 🙂

  • Really? I started dry heaving at darling baby girl and then tossed my cookies at skipping my way to the grocery.

  • Good Lord, LM! Don’t give the man ideas!! 🙂

  • Ok, I wasn’t going to say anything because everyone kept writing about how cute the umbrella is, but after reading this comment I have to dispel this sickeningly sweet image you’ve described. It’s not mine. It’s Max’s umbrella. Mine is as black as my heart but I forgot it at the office yesterday so I borrowed Max’s for the picture. Now stop thinking of me in a pinafore and knee socks. And for God’s sake, man! Stop squeee-ing!!

  • i know, right. He doesn’t even know about your skin or your lips either and I’m not telling him.

  • I know, you’ve had way too much rain this summer. Hopefully winter will be kind as a result! 🙂

  • Actually, it’s a kid thing. It’s a kid’s umbrella. My umbrella is boring and black and keeps me from being soggy and lets me just be a weirdo. When I remember to bring it home from work, that is.

  • Yup, it’s been wet this week – since the weekend, really. Kind of a bummer. Could be worse, I suppose. It could be snow!

  • Know what’s even cooler? The umbrella the dog is carrying has pictures of a dog carrying an umbrella and that dog’s umbrella also has pictures of a dog carrying an umbrella and so there are an infinite number of dogs carrying an infinite number of umbrellas.

    Boggles the mind, no?

  • Woohoo! I hit the Trifecta! 🙂

  • If I find another one like it (adult-sized, though) I’ll send it to you!

  • Woof.

  • Why is that dog stealing that little girl’s umbrella?

  • Oh oh. Did you get chastised by someone while I was busy working my ass off? Damn fine umbrella. Did you steal it from some sweet old woman with a less colorful vocabulary?

  • Yes please!!

  • No, I swiped it from a 5-yr old who swears like a sailor. He gets that from his dad. 🙂

  • He didn’t steal that little girl’s umbrella. The little girl has trained the dog to steal other people’s umbrellas and bring them to her so she can sell them on the umbrella black market. The evil genius.

  • Barb

    That umbrella is so COOL!!!!!!!
    Where did you find it?


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