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Bullshit – 30 Days of Photos Day 16

So…I guess summer’s really over now. This is bullshit, albeit beautiful, beautiful bullshit.

this is bullshit. total bullshit

30 Days of Photos is also bullshit and it’s brought to you by Ziva and Mike WJ.

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  • Love how the picture looks like it’s falling. In the last gasp of summer, vibrant colors burst before winter’s fatal blow.

  • This is beautiful, Mike. 🙂

  • is this what you see if you roll those leaves up and smoke ’em

  • MikeWJ

    The colors are mind-blowing, Mike. Makes me want to move to Canada.

  • That is an awesome picture. Very pretty colors that show up beautifully on screen.

  • Barb Paige

    gorgeous pic… I’m sad… fall is moving in too quickly I’m not ready for winter!

  • What a great pic. It “leaves” me speechless.

  • What a pretty image! I love it!

  • Coco

    You took a wonderful picture! And you used it for today’s theme. Amazing but succeed!

  • that is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL “bullshit” I’ve ever seen. EVER.

  • I’m right there with you, Mike. As gorgeous as your bullshit is, it definitely has gotten too cold too early this year. I’m wondering if we’re going to have another October blizzard. This 30 days is beginning to feel like the rest of my life.

  • ladyV

    that’s a pretty picture, but it is BS that summer is gone. it seems so short in comparison to the rest of the seasons

  • Jamie Baker

    Wow. Impressive array of colors. I’m hoping that is regular ivy. Just thinking about poison ivy is making me start to itch.

  • Danielle Batog

    Here in Florida we are still hanging on to summer…just barely …. as the mornings and evenings are getting just a might chilly.

  • I’ve been noticing that all the leaves are just going to brown. Where are the rich red, orange and yellow leaves of past years? That’s just BS.

  • That sucks. I think that happens when there’s a lot of rain.

  • I could go for “just a might chilly”. It’s starting to get close to freezing in the evenings here. and that’s bullshit.

  • Yep, regular ivy on the neighbours building. The leaves do fall on my side, so I’ll be raking them in a few weeks. That’s going to be total BS too.

  • It really does. And winter can stretch out for so long.

  • I’m not wondering that at all! I like to ski, but that’s too early. Only 13 days to go!

  • It’s awesome…but it sucks.

  • I did. “Great succeed” as they say!

  • Thank you.

  • Do it. Or at the very least, come visit. Alternatively, you can plant a bunch of maples and ivy, but I’m not sure if they’d work the same way in Colorado as they do here.

  • Me neither. I don’t think anyone is.

  • It’s hard to take a bad shot. This bullshit is everywhere.

  • You said it exactly.

  • Probably, or at the very least, the sky.

  • The colors are even more vibrant today.

  • That’s a di’vine’ comment, Dufus, while mine was a bit of a stretch.



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