I’m participating in the 30 Days of Photographs III challenge hosted by Ziva and MikeWJ. For the life of me, I don’t know why. Today’s theme is fast. Yes, I considered posting a picture of myself.

Every morning, Jepeto and I, and all of my 15 million children, get ready to head off in our different directions: work, school, the local pub. And every morning, as I stand on my back steps and attempt to greet the day by taking long, deep, satisfying drags on a cigarette, I see our hydroelectric meter. You would not believe how fast this thing spins when the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, 3 computers, the television and shower are all being used at the same time.

hydro electric meter, kwh

The faster it spins, the more I smoke. Yeah, and drink.

Before you head off to work, school or your local pub, be sure to stop by Ziva’s to see who else decided to post first and drink later.


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  • Oh boy, it is indeed amazing how fast those things go!

  • This has got to be the most original take on the theme! My poor love, living with all those filthy man monsters that make the meter spin. Come to Finland. We’ll have fun, I promise.

  • I don’t mind how fast the meter spins. But I hate how fast the hydro bill arrives. Now I’m off to the pub to see how fast I can drown my sorrows.

  • Such a cool idea! You win for most original! I think our new meter is digital – takes the pain of watching the wheel spin away but still has a lousy bill arrive just the same.

  • Okay, you win today’s round…on to the next round. 🙂

  • I’ve seen those things go round and round. Fortunately ours is not conveniently located, but the bills come around all the same. That is a cool take on fast.

  • “The faster it spins, the more I smoke. Yeah, and drink.”

    That made me laugh! Great take on the theme, Nicky!

  • MikeWJ

    Your picture is original and the post made me laugh, especially the bit about heading to the local pub in the morning. I could use a drink myself most mornings, to be honest.
    Also, and I can’t explain this, but there’s something about the image of you escaping the bedlam of your house to stand on the back porch for a smoke break that I find….I don’t know, heartwarming, I guess.

  • Pat Kumicich

    You made laugh outloud. I am loving this challenge. The participants are making this so much fun!

  • Amazing and depressing, Katherine. 🙂

  • Ah, you see what you gave up when you decided to marry M instead of me? What the heck, I’ll come to Finland anyway.

  • If you’re heading to the pub, Dufus, save me a seat.

  • Thanks LM, and yeah, digital or the old-fashioned wheel – doesn’t make a difference. The bill comes in just the same.

  • Thanks Linda! Mine isn’t conveniently located either. Convenient would be someplace where the Hydro guy couldn’t ever find it.

  • Hey, it’s either laugh or cry, right? Or get really, really drunk.

  • Only most mornings? I envy you, my friend. And nothing I do is heartwarming. At best, it’s a heartwarming example of my desire to not do jail time.

  • Welcome Pat, and thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. And my pain. 🙂

  • Or all three!

  • Come to me. Bring Max. You can just lie around and look pretty all day. Oh, and we’ll shop! It’ll be great! I’ll stock up on the McNuggets. And gin.

  • The early bird gets the hangover.

  • I like the fact that, as if your meter isn’t spinning fast enough already, there’s a little note on there that says, “x 10”.

  • They always spin too fast!

    Many years ago (with the older meters) people used to unscrew the gas meters, turn them round and screw them back on. The meter would then run backwards! You had to be sure to alternate the meter, so you would use enough gas, not to arouse suspicion. Many houses were kept lovely and warm all through the winter, at very little cost. It didn’t work with electricity, though we didn’t use so much of that in those days.

  • I would be very happy right now except that I’ve seen this same comment on another blog! 🙂

  • Just got back from the pub, er work. hiccup! Sangamo – isn’t that what you say when you parachute off a cliff?

  • Any dial attached to something that I have to pay for is NOT a dial I want to see moving fast.

  • C’est magnifique! I’m on my way 🙂

  • I know! Like on top of everything else, they’re making me do math too.

  • Hah! Neat trick. Many years ago, someone I may or may not be related to used to live in an apartment building and regularly sneaked into the building’s main electric box and rewired things so that his electric line was hooked into his different neighbours’ lines. Can’t do that anymore either. 🙂

  • I think we work in the same… office, Lauren. 🙂

    Oh, and when I parachute off a cliff, I usually say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  • LOL! I would take their advice, Cheryl, but unfortunately, it never comes as a surprise. More like a terrifying shock! 🙂

  • Why am I still on the computer?? I need to go shut off the lights…

  • I love your mind.

  • And unplug everything while you’re at it.

  • ladyV

    yikes. i would drink with you.


  • Thank you Lady V. I appreciate your show of solidarity. 🙂

  • Yikes. Really. Blame it on lack of sleep. I said to you first, though so meant it with you. 🙂

  • Coco

    Hahaha! I love what you took! This fast thing bothers me but made us laugh. Nice one!

  • MikeWJ

    Don’t knock jail until you try it. You might meet some nice girls there. Downright friendly, too.

  • You should quit that smoking, Nicky! Then you could run to the pub faster and have more of a breath to drink quickly.

  • Thank you Coco! I’m glad you liked it!

  • Yes, Mom. 🙂 Actually, Jepeto and I are planning on quitting. Smoking, that is. Not drinking. That would just be crazy talk.

  • You smoke too? It’s a small world, isn’t it?

    That’s one damn fine meter. Looks pretty calm to me. How much had you had to drink when you took this?

  • Yes, Cheryl, it is my *only* vice. 🙂
    If this was 30 days of videos, you’d see just how fast that sucker spins. And here me crying in the background, of course.

  • I hope you do quit the smoking. Your body will thank you! And note I never mentioned quitting the drinking! 🙂

  • Diet Coke and smokes are my final vices because I’m pretty sure chocolate is a food group.


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