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Hair – 30 Days of Photos Day 8

Barely into our second week of 30 Days of Photographs III and  I’m falling apart. I don’t know why, but I’m highly disorganized this time around and I’ve been posting super late. I really need to pick up the pace.

Anyway, about a month and a half ago, my cat went out and never came back. It’s been so long now that there’s barely any cat fur left in here, but you do find the odd strand on occasion.

a lone hair

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  • I am amazed that you could capture that cat hair like that – hope your kitty returns some day. Maybe it’s visiting he’s visiting Darren.

  • AWWW that makes me sad.

  • Paula Wooters

    Aw… so sorry your kitty went missing. I’m still finding hair from Hickory the Wonder Dog who died two years ago. (Yes, I’m that good of a housekeeper.)

  • You know, it sort of looks like a pube to me.

    Seriously, though, I’m so, so sorry about Dobson. 🙁 Now get your ass into gear and take some photos for the next few themes!

  • Mike, I’m still really upset over Dobson. I really know how upsetting losing a pet is. Now that Smokey has been gone for a while, I’m still getting used to not waking up with cat fur in my nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. I still miss him.

  • MikeWJ

    I had no idea, Mike. Despite all my bluster about cats, I’m truly sorry. Maybe Ziva will give you one of hers. She has 20 or 30 of them now, I think.

  • Awwwww, Im so sorry the cat never came back. That’s sad.

  • You lost your cat? Aw, Mike that’s so sad. You can have mine. I won’t even visit.

  • No No No! Is your cat really missing? 🙁
    Love the take on the theme though. Literally one “hair”.

  • Sorry about Dobson, even though I do trash talk cat lovers, I am sorry that he disappeared. Last challenge I was organized and even had pictures in advance – this time I’m going day by day. It must be in the water…or vodka…

  • ladyV

    awh, sorry about your cat. perhaps it will come back and hopefully no one has capture it. happened to my sister’s dog. left one day and that was it.

    and glad that’s not a pube hair. ha!

  • Hey Mike! A month and a half? You poor guy, must be a heartbreaker. Indigo

  • Paula Wooters

    Hey, I’m posting later than you are! Hell, I barely made it into the contest at all today. Must’ve been all that tequila.

  • Shawn @

    The previous owner of my place had a cat. For a year I was picking up cat hair everywhere.

  • I’m so sad about Dobson. Maybe he is OK and will come back one day. I do hope so.

  • I’d be more than a little disorganized if my little buddy was unaccounted for. I’m so sorry he still hasn’t come home.

  • AWWWWWWWW that’s sad! Darnit! Now I’m sad! 🙁

    I know when my dalmatian is one day gone, I will be finding hairs forever and ever… I so get that!

  • Coco

    Awwww… I hope you are not crying looking at this picture, Mike. He was the cutie as a cat!

  • That’s a loser. We had the same thing happen with TWO dogs. We got one back, but never saw the other again.

  • Thanks, Pat. I’m pretty sure he’s out there gallivanting with some other cats.

  • I didn’t intend to evoke sadness with this post, but yeah, the reason still kinda sucks.

  • That’s heartbreaking. I’m so sorry Dobson is still missing. Finding a strand of fur in the house would make me cry.

  • I guess on hand the hair keeps the memory alive in some weird way.

  • I actually almost went the pube route but figured it was too soon to take the low road again.

    But yeah, ‘Rules’ is tomorrow and so far, I’ve been pretty good at breaking them.

  • I know, I realized that I’m slightly allergic and I breathe easier. I even feel bad about enjoying the cleaner house. That’s why I left the litter box though, so I can trip over it once in awhile.

  • Tami Von Zalez

    Mike, I am so sorry about your cat. We had a run of cats not making it, about 5 or 6 of them disappeared for no reason.

  • She has that many? Maybe I’ll get her to mail me a couple.

  • Ya, but life goes on. The upside is that now I’m a crazy cat dude who wanders the alleys taking pictures of cats for my cat blog. Really. That’s an upside!

  • Gee thanks, but I couldn’t do that. Your cat will miss you. You keep him.

  • Yep. I literally bumped into it this morning.

  • I know, this time around I can’t even remember 2 themes in a row.

  • Me too, because if it was, it would mean that I’m going gray.

  • It’s a cat superpower: Endless Fur.

  • Tequila? At least you have an excuse. I got nothing.

  • Yep. And I’m pretty sure he was ‘napped.

  • Thanks, Babs. You never know.

  • Gah. I didn’t mean to make everyone sad, but yeah, the lone hair is a memory and I guess it is in the end.

  • He’s been gone for awhile now, so I can’t keep blaming my slacker tendencies on him. Well, maybe just this one last time.

  • That’s nuts. In the country or in the city? With amount of missing posters around here, I’d say it’s fairly common.

  • Losing a pet isn’t fun, but a dog is tough. Cats will adapt. A dog out on his own is a scary situation.

  • That he was!

  • Thanks, Lauren.

  • I do NOT have that many cats. MikeWJ, you have got to stop spreading false rumours about me! The bathtub full of jello thing? Also not true.

  • AHahahHAhhaha! Well, then, OKAY!


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