Photo Challenges


I am participating in the very Kafkaesque 30 Days of Photographs III challenge, hosted by the extremely Kafkaesque  Ziva and MikeWJ. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, today’s theme is outlier.

Ok, so today’s theme isn’t really outlier. But it might as well be.

I’ve read somewhere that Kafkaesque means anything that echoes the nightmarishly complex, bizarre or illogical themes of Franz Kafka’s writing.


Nightmarishly bizarre and illogical flat shoes on my feet. And I like them.

Now go check out the other surreal participants over at Ziva’s blog.


By the way, I have to go to *spits* Toronto for a trade show this weekend, so I might not have time to visit everyone. Let me just say to all the participants:


AWESOME photo!

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