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M&M’s – 30 Days of Photos Day 24

I didn’t have the chocolate ones but I found this place about 15 blocks that-a-way. M&M’s body shop. There you go.

So I used an apostrophe to suit my needs. Sue me.

body shop montreal
30 Days of Photos is the never ending challenge to remain sane, courtesy of Ziva and Mike WJ.

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  • Pat Kumicich

    I think this is a great find! While your car gets fixed, you can join me for a burger!

  • Wow! You actually found a non chocolate m&m on this scavenger hunt we call the 30 Days of Photography III. Impressive!

  • Hey isn’t that down the street from Le Vieux Montreal Pool Room?

  • I like this take – I’m sick of looking at chocolate!

  • I love this! Great find 15 blocks that-a-way. (I didn’t use an apostrophe either)

    You would fit in beautifully down here in northern New England. You speak/write just like one of us.

  • You should get some chocolate…it helps relieve the stress of finding things to fill the picture void for video.

  • ladyV

    great find, at least this type won’t add 15lbs of fat to the body.

  • Barb

    works for me!

  • Danielle Batog

    I don’t mind a bit….tomorrow’s prompt will have me fudging quite a bit.

  • MikeWJ

    Hey, CheesyMike, you and I should buy this place and go into business for ourselves! Mike and Mike, get it? We could get rich and eat a lot of cheeseburgers. Not such a bad life.

  • How perfect for you! Did they see you take the picture? It’s a great shot!

  • They sell candy at your automobile place?

  • You’ll hear from my lawyers shortly.

  • M&M is a great name for any establishment. It’s very easy to remember!

  • Full disclosure: Google Maps was my friend for this one 🙂

  • This is on Iberville, and there’s a Montreal Pool Room on Rachel, which may be near there. The one on St-Laurent got moved across the street.

  • Yeah! Yesterday was crazy for that!

  • I’ll be waiting.

  • I’ve never been inside, but I imagine that they have one of those machines where you put in a quarter, turn a knob, and 30 year old unwrapped candies pour out into your waiting palm.

  • Thanks, and I don’t think anyone noticed that I was even there!

  • Pretty good idea, but the hard part would be buying this place. I think it’s a front for something.

  • I’ve felt that way about every prompt so far.

  • Yay!

  • Nope, but that’s not to say that I’ve stopped eating choclate or anything.

  • And now that that’s done, there’s still the issue of “kafkaesque”.

  • I can’t remember, are you in Maine? It’s been so long since I was last there, I can’t remember the accent, although I used to think that EVERYONE in New England sounded the way Stephen King portrayed them.

  • I live in NH on the southern Maine border. New England accents vary from region to region within states. Sometimes I can’t even tell where someone’s from because there are so many different accents.

    You are plain-spoken and matter-of-fact. That’s very northern New England. When I slip into NE colloquialisms, I use expressions like “down the road a piece” which is very much like your “15 blocks that-a-way.”

    My favorites are the 3 stages of being lost while traveling.

    I got turned around.
    I got turned around some.
    I got SOME turned around.


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