Rules – 30 Days of Photos Day 9

It’s not that I generally like to break the rules, it’s more that you can sometimes see another side of the story when you do. One area that’s hard to break the rules in is the realm of computing, unless you’re a brilliant and creative programmer, which I’m not. Still, there are rules to follow, and if you don’t follow them, things don’t work.

Holy shit, I’m such a nerd.

rules workstation linux shell


This is part of 30 Days of Staring at a Monitor and it’s brought to you by Ziva and Mike WJ.

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  • no wonder I have problems with my computer so often – I’m a rule breaker!

  • Cool background on your screen.

    I am not much of a rule breaker but the same can’t be said for my computer. It’s an unprincipled brat.

  • Barb

    that screen would scare the sh*t outta me….

  • Okay, I’m completely lost here.

  • You really ARE a nerd! But I dig that about you!

  • I’m going to have M look at this photo and explain to me what’s going on. Although, honestly, it just looks like a boring old list to me. As a photo, though, it’s pretty sweet. πŸ˜‰

  • I feel like I am looking at the written word version the the matrix… I can’t stop looking at it.

  • ::runs screaming from this post to find pictures of butterflies::

  • Mike, I need to show this to Alex. He will appreciate the hell out of it, whereas I just wonder what the hell?

  • Coco

    Rules are for humans. To make things complicated with computers is the rule deal breakers, bugs.

  • Comma, no comma. Space, no space. It’s not that I don’t want to follow the rules, I just don’t have the attention span.

  • ladyV

    that looks complicated. oh yeah, i’m backing away from the screen. you got this one.

  • Paula Wooters

    Step away from the screen, Mike! You don’t want to be messing with that!

  • Many, many years ago, I got a degree in computer science. The Number one rule that I learned was to always test bad data before you turned in a program for grading because the professors always tried to make your stuff crash!

  • Wow I am DIZZY looking at that! Holy COW! Great great shot!

  • MikeWJ

    Nerd. Geek. Whatever. You guys rule the planet now. Enjoy it.

  • You rebel!

  • It’s too late! I can’t go back now!

  • Aw, it’s just a simple directory listing.

  • It sounds like you need to switch to Linux.

  • Yep, it’s just a listing of directories. And they’re all full of rules and shit.

  • Thanks, Meleah πŸ™‚

  • As they said, The geek shall inherit the earth. Or meek. However that went.

  • So you’re not fooled by the pretty swirl?

  • Thanks πŸ™‚

  • I went through that too. A tedious process, but it helped with the final grades.

  • I think the only way I get by is that I’m probably just running on autopilot half the time.

  • Good old bugs. They make things interesting.

  • I think Alex will get it.

  • Is that a good thing?

  • It used to scare me, but now we’re pals.

  • It’s just a list, full of directories and inside those directories…oh forget it.

  • That swirl is what I find so damn terrifying.

  • πŸ™‚


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