Sour – 30 Days of Photos Day 4

Today’s prompt is Sour and it seems only natural to incorporate that into a drink. So this is…

…How to Make a Campari Sour

You’ll need:

1-1/2 ounces of Campari – check (a fresh bottle is preferable)
1 barspoon of simple syrup – simple syrup? How about maple syrup? And WTF is a barspoon?
1 ounce fresh lemon juice – I have a lemon. Good enough.
1 egg white – yep
7 drops orange bitters to garnish – check (after visiting 3000 stores to find it. It was hiding next to the Grenadine)

campari sour preparation

Get a cocktail shaker and pour everything in (minus the bitters) and shake it like your life depends on it for like 30 seconds.
Now add some ice and shake it again. Keep shaking!

Now strain the whole sad mess into a cocktail glass, or the closest most available glass. Or straight into your mouth if that’s your trip. Add the bitters and there. Isn’t that beautiful?

What’s that? I didn’t do it right? Ok, I’ll try again.

campari sour with bitters

Repeat the above steps until you’ve got the formula down just right. It’s taken me just a few tries but I’m pretty sure I’m getting the hang of it.

Campari Sour aftermath

This is part of 30 Days of Drinking…uh Photos and it’s brought to you by Ziva and Mike WJ.

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