Steel – 30 Days of Photos – Day 19

What day is it? Is it still October? How old am I? I’m not hungover, but it was a late night and I’ve been trying to “steel” myself to get it together, face the day, and post something for today.

This metal working place is around the corner from where I live. A.R. Lussier is probably the only place that can reproduce, replace, and repair the characteristic steel plate (but probably tin) cornices that you’ll see decorating many of the turn of the (previous) century buildings around Montreal. Not surprising, A.R. Lussier has been around since 1928, which is probably around the time that these turn of the century buildings first started to need repairs. I have absolutely no data to back up this guess.

Ironically, there’s a modern car dealer visible in the reflection whose construction probably called for the demolition of the very turn of the century structures that I’m talking about.

a.r.lussier Steel

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