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The City – 30 Days of Photos Day 29

The city is dense. Sometimes all you can see are windows and bricks.

city density buildings

1 more day, 1 more day!  Ziva and Mike WJ‘s 30 Days of Photos insanity is almost over!

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  • That’s cool and really captures downtown Montreal. Place Ville Marie?

  • Pat Kumicich

    I love the linear aspect of this photo – very urban indeed!

  • ladyV

    my what tall buildings you have? i love looking up and taking photos of tall buildings

  • I love this! If you look at it long enough the building that recedes looks like it is projecting forward. Nice illusion, cool photo!

  • Barb

    Love the contrasts!!

  • What a fantastic shot. I love the angle on this one. Well done, Mike!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    That’s a very cool shot, Mike. Full of angles and geometric shapes. Also, I like how the woman in the window in the central building is flashing you. Awesome.

  • Oh I love photos like this, all lines and angles. Great take on the theme. 🙂

  • Great way to capture the city, Mike. It’s my favorite viewpoint ~ sitting in my recliner looking at it in a photograph.

  • Definitely a city. I hate the closed in feel they have.

  • Squares! Rectangles! Windows! I love all the shapes in this!

  • Yep, PVM with the Central Station building in the foreground.

  • Yep, but mostly sterile which is the look I was going for. Not a tree in site.

  • Some are, but we actually have a height limit in the city. No building is supposed to be built taller than our mountain, although that may change in the near future and it’s not necessarily a good thing.

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks!

  • This is actually very close to my office. I went with the claustrophobic angle because it fits the location.

  • The angles are cool except they remind me of work. Because my office is in the pic. Ugh.

  • That was the angle I was aiming for. Tight and claustrophobic. I prefer to see more sky.

  • Nope, not one circle!

  • I didn’t notice that and now I can’t stop seeing it!

  • She must have seen my setup for “lotion” Day 5, which happens to be facing her office.

  • Ohh! Where?

  • Oh, you know what happens if I tell you, don’t you?

    Ok, it’s the building in the foreground, which is actually attached to a larger complex. The view sucks.

  • It looks so… brown.

  • Laughing Mom is right… that is so cool!


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