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Underwater – 30 Days of Photos Day 23

underwater gator


It’s STILL 30 Days of Photos …make it stop…oh god…just…ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..Thanks alot, Ziva and Mike WJ.

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  • I love the little bubbles on his body.

  • um.. what IS that? Is that real?

  • Cool alligator. Is it yours or do you share it with Nicky?

  • You Canadians sure bottle some strange stuff to drink!

  • Is that real???

  • C’mon, no one owns crocs anymore.

  • Aw… baby alligator. You DO know they’re not quite as cute when they grow up, don’t you?

  • Hey… I’m wearing mine now… men’s green rubber sneakers.

  • Because I have no taste.

  • Is there a reward for turning Mike in for gator-napping?

  • Barb

    Please tell me that is one of those fake crocs that grow bigger each day in the water?! :/

  • Dammit, the name of the link was SO promising..

    So… Can I have him? My cats are hungry.

  • Pat Kumicich

    is that little critter real?

  • I am pretty certain there is money to be had. Catching a gator-poacher surely is worth something. I’ll check into it and find out what turning him in would be worth. Want to go 50/50?

  • Jamie Baker

    Gotta be careful! They are masters of the hunt!

  • I’m in, Cheryl? But, do we have to gator wrestle him to the ground? I hear Mike’s a pretty slipper customer.

  • We could use some cheese as bait.

  • MalisaHargrove

    He looks like a bejeweled royal specimen. Does he have Made In China stamped on his tummy?

  • ladyV

    huh? nah that can’t be real. i see bubbles. heheheh. looks good though.

  • Coco

    What what what??? Did you drink alligator tequila???

  • I am sure that would work. Hey, I bet the two of us could handle just about anything.

  • So do I. It was a fluke, but it worked 🙂

  • As discussed…plastic!

  • He’s all mine and has been sitting on my desk for years. Finally, a real use for him 🙂

  • We will drink just about anything 🙂

  • Is it because of the reputation I acquired from Day 5…aka Lotion?

  • Thankfully, this one will never grow.

  • They have those? I think I have to have one.

  • I don’t think they’ll like him much. He’s very tough and plasticky.

  • As real as plastic he is.

  • But it is I who has trapped him in a bottle!

  • I haven’t checked, but I’ll bet he does.

  • Good enough to get another day out of the way.

  • Now there’s a business idea!

  • OK, how amazing cool is THAT picture! I say you win, hands down!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Looks like baby Godzilla.

  • That’s what I thought!

  • All I know is Mike’s slipperier than hog snot on a brass doorknob. (Maybe we don’t want to catch him after all.)

  • Most definitely!

  • I’m still in….nothing wrong with a little hog snot between friends?

  • Danielle Batog

    That is so cool…is it a reflection???


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