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I am participating in the 30 Days of Photographs III challenge hosted by Ziva and MikeWJ, or the people with no soul, as I like to call them. Today’s prompt is vibration.

From Monday through Friday, I get up early.  Really early. Stupid early. People are always surprised when they find out I’m up that early. Then they ask me how I do it. I joke that I only really get up an hour after I get up.

Unfortunately, I only really go to sleep an hour after I go to sleep, too.

As a result, there’s only one thing that can wake me up. Alarm clocks that play music, that beep loudly and annoyingly, that have an electric arm that unfurls to smack me across the face… none of those work.

Nope, this is the only thing that can get me up in the morning, an hour before I actually get up.

LG cell phone, cell phone alarm, vibrate, vibrating phone

Set on vibrate, it drones and buzzes just like a fly.

Besides buzzing and vibrating and annoying the hell out of me, the buttons are too damn small for me to see, even with my glasses on, so I can’t turn the damn thing off.

And that’s how I get up so damn early.

Now, go and check out Ziva’s blog to see who dared post a picture of a “personal massage apparatus“.

What? You know someone’s going to…


SIDENOTE: I started feeling pretty crappy last night and woke up this morning with all the symptoms of the Black Death or Malaria or possibly Typhus. Might even be all three. If I don’t make it around to commenting on everyone’s post today, please know it’s most likely because I’ve died.

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