An Autumn Cheese Review

Remember when we used to eat cheese and then write a cheese review? Me too. Or maybe the question should have been: remember when we used to blog consistently?

Well speaking of consistent, there’s a store nearby called La Vieille Europe that consistently has non-wallet pillaging prices (looking at you, local grocery store) on imported cheese. And not for a measly sliver either. We’re talking normal sized wedges of cheese.

So in light of this development,  I bought 3 wedges of cheese last week for about 10$, drove to Laval, and “dropped by” Nicky and Jepeto’s for supper where I was totally welcome and not imposing whatsoever in the very least. They barely even resisted when I disguised my voice and forced the front door open.

Anyhow, once everyone calmed down, it was time for dessert.

First up was a White Lemon Stilton. Yes, lemon. Neither of knew that this even existed, but exist it does, and as far as its presence in my fridge goes, it exists no more. Because I ate the rest of it. It’s pretty crumbly though but big on lemony taste.

white lemon stilton cheese review

Then it was the Appledore. This was like eating apple cheese cake. Also firm, with a slightly smaller crumble than the Stilton and easy to slice. What says fall better than apple cheese? I know. “leaf cheese”, but no one’s invented that yet. Or have they…?

Check it out:
appledore cheese

Finally, it was the Cheddar au Bordeaux Rouge. I know it doesn’t look like it, but this cheese has a rich pink hue to it. My phone camera (yes, I’ll buy a real camera soon, I promise!) likes to mess with my head and show me vivid previews and then dull the colors afterwards. Especially in low light. Ok, it’s my fault.

Anyway. Red Wine Cheddar is as delicious as it sounds as long as:

a) you like cheese.
b) you like red wine.
c) you like them together as one food.

And that’s all there is to it. These cheeses went well with crackers and pita chips. I also brought some salami prosciutto which was ‘ok’, but not very spectacular.

Cheddar au Bordeaux Rouge

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