I Got a New Camera!

Yep, I finally got a new camera after months of indecisiveness. I just couldn’t decide! Nikon, Canon, that other brand…they all seemed so appealing but all those high tech the features were also so overwhelming.

Finally, an opportunity came along and I won this baby at our annual office Xmas auction, raising 35$ for charity in the process. So yeah, say hello to “Boxy” my Agfa Box Camera and bring on the next edition of 30 Days of Photographs cause I’m ready to kick some ass. I’m so ready now. SO ready.

Hmmm…..haven’t quite figured out how I’ll be able to post a picture a day with this thing. Haven’t quite worked that out yet…but no matter!

Beware my fixed focus lens!

my new camera agfa b-2 cadet box camera

Ain’t she something?

120 film

It even came with film!


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  • Honey, are you sure that’s a camera? Might be a geiger counter.

  • I think it’s making a face at you!

  • Isn’t that the kind of camera that you have to hide under a big black cloth to use. I can see that would be super convenient. Looking forward to seeing your pictures on the next challenge.

  • All I can say Mike, is try it out and see what develops.

  • If you decide to upgrade to digital, may I please have this one? It’s just about my speed now that the frigid temperatures are upon us, i.e., I don’t shoot anymore.

  • The guy at the auction said it was a camera, so I believe him, although now I’m not so sure.

  • Yep, it’s the only camera that says ‘cheese’ back at you.

  • I’ll let you know. Be back in a flash.

  • Nope, I think that’s the other model. I’m not sure I’m so ready for another challenge now that I think about it.

  • Yep, and I’m not sure how well this camera works in sub zero temps.

  • I hate to say this, but I think someone tricked you, Mike.

  • Mike, you shoulda gotten a Polaroid. I’m just sayin…!

  • That is freakin’ awesome! I’m ready to see what you come up with in regard to photos with it!

  • You might be right. I just noticed that there’s no USB on this thing.

  • There is that tiny issue about actually developing the film now.

  • Me too. My main worry right now is not wasting a roll of film trying to load it.


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