I Got a New Camera!

Yep, I finally got a new camera after months of indecisiveness. I just couldn’t decide! Nikon, Canon, that other brand…they all seemed so appealing but all those high tech the features were also so overwhelming.

Finally, an opportunity came along and I won this baby at our annual office Xmas auction, raising 35$ for charity in the process. So yeah, say hello to “Boxy” my Agfa Box Camera and bring on the next edition of 30 Days of Photographs cause I’m ready to kick some ass. I’m so ready now. SO ready.

Hmmm…..haven’t quite figured out how I’ll be able to post a picture a day with this thing. Haven’t quite worked that out yet…but no matter!

Beware my fixed focus lens!

my new camera agfa b-2 cadet box camera

Ain’t she something?

120 film

It even came with film!


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