Snow, Glorious Snow

Isn’t snow great?

So it took a record storm to get me to write one last post before the end of 2012. It’ll be short and sweet because sometime between 30 Days of Photos III (yes, I’m still traumatized) and that half a turkey I think I ate on my own last week, my capacity to look at a computer screen has vanished. Said capacity is likely buried under 3 feet of  snow somewhere.

Anyway, here are some photos of the cold, and the wind, and the snow. If you dress for it, it’s quite amazing. The sun is even warm and takes the edge off the biting wind. I recommend wearing a scarf up to your eyeballs.

And with that, best wishes to everyone and we’ll see y’all in the new year.

heavy snow storm rue berri montreal 2012 bright sun blowing snow montreal marie-anne 2012 deep snow rachel montreal 2012

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