It’s a Cheesy New Year

Is there a better way to start off the new year than with a REALLY quick cheese review? Ok, there are probably a billion better ways to start off the new year, but due to a complete lack of ideas about what those things might be, you get a cheese review.

So, what the hell did we eat anyway?

Let’s go clockwise (that’s left to right).

Over there on the left is a wedge of Brise du Matin, which is basically a local Quebec Brie. It tasted like Brie too, so if you love Brie, you’d love this cheese. It was mild and full of creamy goodness. Spreadable and baguette worthy.

Next up was the Black Pepper Cream Cheese aka Fromage a la Creme avec poivre noir. This was by far our favorite. By the amount of black pepper coating the cheese, we expected it to be overly peppery (not unlike a certain tyrkisk peber). In fact, it was just enough to give it a tangy zing. Great cheese and spreadable too.

That white wedge in the right corner was a Whiskey Cheddar, which sounded promising and unique but in fact didn’t taste much like whiskey at all. It had a faint whiskey aroma like maybe it was hanging out down at the bar during happy hour, but as far as taste went, it was fairly ordinary. Still good, but ordinary.

Then it was the Mimolette, that lonely orangey hard French/Dutch cheese. It’s basically like Edam and was mild and nutty too. Nothing mind-blowing, but you know, after the black pepper cheese, everything else was just cheese.

Oh and the Prosciutto di Parma sealed the deal and was perfect to kind of reset the palate in between mouthfuls of cheese and crackers.

And that’s it. Believe it or not, we did not finish everything in one sitting although we tried.

cheese and prosciutto cheese review delicious cheese

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