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I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately.

You know what happens when you announce a writing challenge 19 days before it actually starts? I’ll tell you what happens. Nothing. That’s right. Absolutely nothing. Because everything you want to write after you’ve announced a writing challenge ends up tying in with one of the prompts for the writing challenge, which means you save it for the writing challenge.

And that leaves you with nothing to write about.

I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, “Hold on, Nicky, there must be something you can write about.” And that’s when I point out that Hold on is the prompt for Day 2. And, while it may test our friendship (Day 4’s prompt, by the way), I will tell you to shut up.

Look, all I wanted was to host another creative writing challenge but this time giving everyone ample time to prepare. And the next thing I know (Day 3), I’m stuck with nothing to write about for nearly 3 weeks.

The way I see it, I really only have one option: start writing about cats or else (Day 15) stop writing altogether. Well, I guess if I do write about cats, our traffic will go through the roof  and I’ll at least be able to enjoy my 15 minutes (Day 9) of fame.

It’s absurd (Day 23) that launching a creative writing challenge has left me with nothing to write about. I guess I have no choice but to deal with it (Day 26). It’s tough, though. Little things (Day 19), like some of the things I saw on a recent road trip (Day 11), are just begging to be written about.

I’m just going to have to live with the unintended (Day 13) consequences of my actions and not write anything else until February 1st. Although, by this point in my post about absolutely nothing, you might not consider that a bad thing. To you, I say, “Whatever, dude.” (Day 17)

And that’s why I’ll get drunk for the next 2 and a half weeks. (Day 27, with a twist. The same way I like my drinks.)



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