Writing Challenges

And That’s What Happens

And that’s why I got drunk?

Wait, you mean, there’s supposed to be a reason?

Maybe it should be “how I got drunk”.

It all started with a shot of melon ball. I know, it’s not the manliest of shots, like vodka, Jack Daniels or Polish moonshine. Polish moonshine will actually destroy everything it touches, sort of like sulphuric acid, and it doesn’t even matter that it’s Polish. Saying it’s Polish is just a way of making a reference point. Moonshine is hardcore and it burns no matter where it’s from. It hurts alot.

Back to the melon ball.

They’re very tasty, so when a tray of them appeared in front of me for the fourth time, I reached out and grabbed another one. They’re like juice. How drunk can you really get on a few melon balls anyway? Only half of the shot is vodka, so unless you really have no tolerance whatsoever, you’ll be totally fine unless you drink 20 of them or so.

Or unless they’re not melon balls at all and you’ve been drinking Absinthe for the last half hour.

Half an hour. Like anyone really knows with any certainty what time it is.

When did they switch the melon balls, and why can’t I tell the difference? Do I still have taste buds? Maybe I really am drunk. Or stoned. Absinthe will do that to you.

I asked a friend (I think it was a friend) at the bar and they totally confirmed it. This bar serves it and it’s legal in Canada. By the way, what’s a Canada?

And who keeps giving me shots? What a strange place.

Who am I?

And what are you all looking at??


Holy wow. We’re almost done. Only 1 more day to go in this 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Go see why everyone else got drunk.

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