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Stating The Obvious

Welcome to Day 27 of 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing, the creative writing challenge that 4 out of 5 addictions workers agree is the reason for 12-step programmes. Today’s prompt is And That’s Why I Got Drunk,  and you can thank MikeWJ for this one. You’ll find him face down under the dining room table. Don’t forget to link up at the end of this post if you participated in today’s challenge before admitting you have a problem.


Stating The Obvious

drunk scene

  1. Cheesy
  2. Hold on
  3. And the next thing I knew
  4. Friendship
  5. You better put out
  6. Haven
  7. Texting
  8. French
  9. 15 minutes
  10. The mayor
  11. Road trip
  12. The day I met Abraham Lincoln
  13. Unintended
  14. Where can I get a good blintz?
  15. Or else
  16. Music
  17. Whatever, dude
  18. Home at last
  19. Little things
  20. The other shoe
  21. Last train
  22. Compulsively
  23. Absurd
  24. Confucius
  25. Fact or Fiction
  26. Deal with it
  27. And that’s why I got drunk
  28. Is that all

Need I say more? Really?


Now, go. Click on the links below to join the intervention.

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