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Free the Worm

Note to self: Write more notes to self. This way you won’t be scrambling everyday to put something together for this infernal writing challenge. It’s Day 11 and today’s prompt is Road Trip.


interstate 40 arizona mesas

The billboard said, “You drove this far, you may as well see the Grand Canyon.” Or something like that.

We kept driving in silence, the exit to the world’s biggest hole in the ground fading in the distance. Not fading was the tension and bitterness between 4 friends who had just driven almost 5000 km to the American Southwest and were now blowing off the Grand Canyon because someone didn’t mention that they had to get back to work in 2 days, effectively cutting our road trip short.

Thanks alot, Dave.

So, instead of driving to the Grand Canyon, we made a compromise. Meteor Crater. It’s in Arizona too, and it’s also a hole in the ground, right? Well that’s true, but it doesn’t compare to the Grand Canyon.

At least that’s only what I’ve heard since I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon.

No thanks to Dave.

It was just as well. We were all starting to get sick of each other anyway. What’s it been? 9 days, 4 friends, 1 car, no air conditioning? Maybe it was time to get back home.

Now we were passing that billboard and it was mocking us.

“You drove this far”, or something to that effect.

The only souvenir from the trip was a lollipop from that roadside variety store just outside the crater. A Tequila Lollipop actually. With the worm still inside. Now it was stuck to the hot dashboard and starting to melt. The worm’s head (Or its ass. You just can’t tell with these things…) was beginning to poke through.

Only 1300 kilometres til Memphis. The worm should be free by then.

I felt a headache coming on.tequila lollipop

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