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I Had Nothing To Do With This Prompt

late night drinks boule noir mont royal
I guess I should take some responsibility for the horror of today’s prompt, but really it’s mostly Ziva‘s fault. And Nicky’s.

Anyhow, “The Day I Met Abraham Lincoln” is a fantastic prompt if you enjoy the feeling of writer’s block. Aw yeah. You feel that? Feels good.


Anyway, St-Patrick’s Day is in a month or so, so here’s a limerick :

I’m back at the bar and I’m thinkin’
‘Bout the day I met Abraham Lincoln
Now I must be on crack
‘Cause the idea is whack
So instead I’ll just get back to drinkin’

That’s all I got.

Now go see what everyone else wrote for Day 12 of 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing.

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