Not So Heavenly Haven

Last night, myself and a few other frozen souls seeking a warm haven ducked into a Syrian cafe to thaw our toes. Turned out they were taking part in a celebration of Quebec’s famous cheesy fries and gravy delicacy and offered up a creation of their own.

So even though we weren’t shown a menu and were only allowed to order one thing (and pay an exorbitant price for it), I’ll refrain from making authoritarian Syrian regime jokes or even refer to their poutine or customer service as “despotic”.

I’m a bigger man than that.

tazah overpriced poutine review

Tazah’s version of poutine: Lamb, fries, gravy and pomegranate seeds. Worth the price? Not a chance.

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  • This may be the first time in a long time something Syrian has been considered a haven. That poutine doesn’t look quite right.

  • Damn, Mike, that looks GOOD. What is it?! Indigo

  • As a non-Canadian, I don’t know what poutine looks like. That’s not what that is…is it???? So what is it?

  • Oh wow. Did Bashar al-Assad contact you and threaten you into making Syria a safe haven? Or are you suddenly the proud owner of a small Mediterranean island?

  • Oh, Mike, you can never be that hungry. Yuck!

  • Not appealing to me either. Double Yuck! I prefer my pomegranate seeds covered in dark chocolate, and my lamb…well just about any other way.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I can understand ducking around all things Syrian, but not ducking into anything Syrian for a haven. As for that dish, it’s nothing like poutine, but I like lamb and it looks pretty good.

  • Well……. At least it LOOKS good.

  • It actually was. Pretty salty though and WAY too expensive for what it was.

  • Poutine is not for everyone. This ended up being a kind of cheesy stew.

  • As poutine, it was definitely removed and a bit of a stretch. Lamb is tasty though.

  • Sadly, I can be once in awhile.

  • He did not, but I’m pretty sure I saw him in the back tearing up the menus and deleting all the bad reviews on their website.

  • It’s a poutine alright, just done up Syrian style. If you look closely, you can see a fry peeking out of the gravy.

  • That is a Syrian riff on poutine. If you’ve never seen poutine before, here’s a primer:

  • It was ok, but honestly, somewhere between the lamb and the pomegranates, it became something else.

  • Beware Syrians offering havens…


    I don’t know what I would have thought of this creation, but man do I need to get to Montreal. I want some real poutine. Though my first time with this delicious meal was at Dundees, I want to jump in my car, drive to Montreal and head to La Banquise and gorge for the next hour on poutine.

  • I’m not sure if I could eat that all in one dish. Separate them and then maybe…

  • Holy CRAP that looks good. Except I hate lamb. Make it pounded pork and it would be perfect!

  • MalisaHargrove

    I’ve never had poutine and never had Syrian food. Don’t think I intend to anytime soon. Chili cheese fries pretty close?

  • It’s funny how 24 hours makes a difference. It was alright at the time but now? I’m not so sure the whole thing was such a great idea.

  • Pork may have worked better actually. The lamb made it quite …stew-y.

  • …and overpriced poutines.

  • hahaha….there’s just so much poutine that I can handle, and while La Banquise is alright, rumour has it there are even better places now. Just have to find them.

  • Not far. The cheese has got to be cheese curds though. There are variations of poutine that pretty much equal chili cheese fries.

  • If I can afford a trip and make it to Montreal this summer (it’s in the plans), I’m not against a few hours of searching for the ultimate poutine place. Even if that means, ya know, trying a couple along the way.

  • Cadeaux

    No one should be made to eat a pomegranate seed.

  • KZ

    That’s some remarkable restraint you’re showing there, Shecky. 🙂 That dish actually looks pretty appealing.

  • Syrian poutine? You mean there is such a thing? I can barely wrap my head around the idea of regular Canadian poutine.


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