Writing Challenges

Or Else. Or Else What?

Write something!

Did I really come up with today’s prompt? I have nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Like so many things, it seemed like a great idea at the time. Now? Not so great.

And now, while I try to come up with something (anything!), I decide that writing at home today is a bad idea because there are too many distractions. What’s really happening now is that “or else” has really begun to mean, “write something and post it or else you’re going to be late for work”. Pretty lame.

So I leave the house and decide to go to that great little cafe down the street. It’s calm and spacious there. They have windows facing the park and you can watch the snow fall while you try to come up with a paragraph or two for today’s prompt.

But when I get there, there’s a sign on the door:

** MOVED TO 1032 Mont-Royal Avenue **

Since when?? I guess I haven’t been loyal enough to know. Ok, we still have time. Let’s check it out.

So I walk the extra three blocks and find the new locale. Of course it’s no longer the same. The cafe is now a long narrow rectangle and has just 2 small windows at the front. There is no room for seating at the front.

I sucks and I haven’t even ordered yet. But I will order, because I’m running out of time and need to write something. Anything.

I get my coffee. The moment of truth. It’s still good.

There’s one seat left. This place is so small that the majority of us have to share a long picnic table that runs down the center of the room. There isn’t enough room between the other tables so people are constantly brushing past.

“Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me. Pardon.”

Highly annoying and not conducive to writing in the least. But I better start or else I’m going to be late.

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  • Blame it on the coffee shop. That’s what I would do.

  • How dare they move without notifying you! My favorite coffee shop moved recently to a much nicer location. Nice or not, it isn’t the same.

  • Sure. Yeah. Come up with an idea and then you can’t even handle it. Serves you right they moved the coffee shop.

  • Well you did manage to write something despite the lousy conditions in the café, now tell us, were you late? 😉

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I just realized that by listing your posts on Nicky’s posts like everybody else, you get double the hits on your blog. That’s very clever, CheesyMike (and Nicky). You two are wicked smart.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t go back to that coffee shop. It sounds like crap.

  • Yep, double the traffic even when my posts are crap. It’s win win! Or lose win, because this challenge is torture. Maybe it’s actually win lose. I actually don’t know anymore and don’t think I ever did.

  • Nope. I actually made it, mainly because I put no effort into writing this post.

  • Tell me about it. I deserve it.

  • I know. You just can’t transport the charm.

  • I will and I did. Thanks, P.J.

  • Did you throw the coffee in the barista’s face and flip the table over? I would have.

  • I lost it after he asked me if I wanted double. I said pardon… ok, that doesn’t work.

  • What a disappointment about the coffee shop. I don’t take change well unless is a definite improvement. Still it worked for you getting the post for today’s prompt done.

  • KZ

    That’s why I never go to cafes to write. They always change on you and break your heart. Also, I’m usually too lazy to leave my home.

  • Well you may not have gotten the post you wanted to write, but not getting it got you another post.

  • And you lost it? I know how that ends. You head faked him with the milk jug. And you clubbed in the mug with a mug!


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