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The Coolest Songs Start With The Chorus

Last Train


(drums) x 4

Last train!
Got this feeling that I’ll go insane
Crazy mama yeah you in my brain
Now I gotta catch the last train!

I gotta run
I gotta fly
I’m gonna walk them lonely miles
If I miss the 12 oh 5!

(Oh yeah!)

Last train!
Got this awful feeling in my brain
Yeah you think you are but you ain’t sane
Show your ticket on the last train!

(Guitar solo!) x 4

It don’t get much worse
It coulda been much better
Now my baby say she hates me
Yeah, she said it in a letter!
Oh yeah! Last train!


My head in my hands
My heart’s a-bleedin’
It’s lying on the tracks
No it ain’t me she’s needin’
Oh baby!

(last train last train)

Oh yeah!

Last train!
Got a fire burning in my brain
She done me wrong yeah I’m in pain
But she don’t careeeeee!

Oh yeah!

Last train! Ooh baby! Last train!
(repeat ad nauseum)

(outro solo)
(fade out)


Now that we’ve got that out of our systems, go see what everyone else had to say for today’s instalment of 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing.

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  • Crazy Mikey, you’re song’s in my brain, all about that last train, yoweeeee!

  • Uhm, do you have an agent?

  • Are you playing air guitar or air drums on this one?

  • I’ll be needing the sheet music to accompany you on the piano.

  • When is the Cheesy Mike “Last Train” tour?

  • and here I thought you were going to do The Last Train to Clarksville by the Monkees….. *dating myself here* nicely done!

  • Can we be your groupies when you go on tour?

  • Thanks, Barb… I was waiting for somebody to mention that one!

  • Yeah! Can we?

  • Do you have a rockin’ name to go with the tune?

  • It’s so catchy, no?

  • Do I? They’re just pounding down the door for this one 🙂

  • Both. Don’t forget air bass.

  • Absolutely! Yay groupies!

  • I’ll send it right over by special courier.

  • How about CheesyMike and the CheeseTones?

  • I know it well, but I didn’t want to get sued for copyright infringement 😉

  • It was yesterday but it got cancelled due to lack of interest 🙂

  • Wheee!!!

  • Ooooh, I’m with Barb! LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE!

  • You know I’m a little insulted that Last Train by CheesyMike and the CheeseTones isn’t getting the recognition it deserves.

  • Well my version of Last Train is gonna be big. You’ll see!

    You’ll all see!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I’m going to throw my panties on stage!!!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Oops. I wish I hadn’t said that out loud.

  • KZ

    I kind of want to hear this performed now, although I know that once I do, I’ll be disappointed since it won’t sound the way I think it should. Very fun post, Mike. I look forward to the day when your musical tour takes you to the Bay Area. 🙂

  • Please do!


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