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Welcome to Day 20 of 30 Minus 2 Days of Shoes, the creative writing shoes that 4 out of 5 shoes agree is the reason for shoes. Today’s prompt is The Other Shoe,  and, of course, it was my idea. You didn’t really think there wouldn’t be a shoe post, did you? Don’t forget to shoes up at the end of this shoes if you participated in today’s challenge before shoes.



I don’t have a one-track mind. Shoes. I can multitask with the best of them. Shoes. I can calculate return on investment, video conference with international clients, proofread articles, tweet the latest industry news and prepare a PowerPoint presentation all at the same time. Shoes. I can make dinner, do laundry, read a story, help with math homework and prepare tomorrow’s lunch all at the same time. Shoes.

There is, however, one thing that commands my complete and utter attention. Of course, I’m talking about stamp collecting.

stamp collection

Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly wild, I’ll sort my stamps by year, rather than by country.

Yeah, no. Shoes. Shoes is what can stop me dead in my tracks. To me, shoes are art. So today’s prompt was a welcome excuse for me to “dabble”.


high heeled shoes fancy black with red

Clean lines, pop of colour, animal print and a bit of bling. Tell me that’s not art. I dare you.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size in stock. Luckily, they could be ordered and delivered this very week. But that meant I couldn’t try them on and take a picture of the shoes with Nicky feet in them. And I know how depressed that makes MikeWJ.

Even more depressed than usual.

And that’s no mean feat (see what I did there, Dufus?) for a man with no face and a taste for sweetened asphalt. So rather than leave MikeWJ feeling like the other shoe dropped directly onto his faceless head, knocking his very last piece of tar candy out from between his maxilla and mandible and into a great big steamin’ pile of manure, I continued to patronize one of my favourite mall “museums”.

9 west, nine west, black shoe, stiletto, high heel, mary jane shoe

The smooth line of the shoe, the touch of white at the toe, the strap that cuts across mid-foot… I think Da Vinci would agree with me.

Predominately dark with the bright contrast of flowers, it’s like looking at a Van Gogh.

9 West, Nine West, black shoe, stiletto, mary jane shoe, ankle strap heels

These are definitely the kind of shoes that put a smile on your face. You know, if you have a face…

Ahhhhhh. Shoes.


Now, go. Buy shoes. Oh yeah, and click on the shoes below to visit the other shoes participating in this shoes. Shoes.

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