Une Recette en Francais

Today’s prompt for 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing is ‘French’. I was actually going to write this whole paragraph in French but I’m too tired. So tired. Instead, I’ve got this fantastic homemade Jambalaya recipe to share. And it’s in French. Not only that, Jambalaya is a Creole dish that you can find in Louisiana. See? That’s another French angle. You know, Louisiana Purchase and all that.

If you don’t read French, you can use Google Translate. Or, for fun, you can wing it and see how close you get to something edible!

2 oignons
3 gousses d’ail

2 poivrons (1 rouge, un vert)
2 branches de céleri
1 touffe de persil frais
1 moyenne can de mais en grains
2 grosses cans de tomates en dés
1 moyenne can de sauce tomate
1 can de soupe aux tomates
1 petite can de pâte de tomates
3 tranches de bacon
2 poitrines de poulet
2-3 saucisses spicy
1 livre de jambon
10-20 crevettes
Flocons de piment fort
Poudre d’oignons
Poudre d’ail

Poudre de chili

Sel de céleri
2 feuilles de laurier
2 tasses de riz
1 tasse d’eau
Sauce Frank’s Red Hot


Huile d’olive


Couper le bacon en petits morceaux, le poulet en tranches fines et le jambon en petits cubes. Laver les crevettes. Couper les saucisses en tranches.

Couper tous les légumes en morceaux petits/moyens, au goût.
Starter dans un gros chaudron, 2 cuillères à table de beurre et 2 d’huile d’olive. Ajouter le bacon. Laisser aller à feu medium-hi jusqu’à ce que le bacon soit bruni et croquant.

Ajouter les oignons, remuer de temps en temps jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient dorés.

Ajouter le poulet et la saucisse. Ajouter la moitié de l’ail. Quand la viande est bien saisie, ajouter le reste des légumes et le jambon. Laisser cuire le tout 10 minutes en remuant.

Ajouter toutes les cans de produits de tomates. Bien mélanger et couvrir jusqu’à ce que ça vienne à ébullition. Baisser le feu à medium.

Ajouter les crevettes.

Ajouter toutes les épices et la sauce piquante (quantités au goût). Laisser mijoter 10 minutes, puis ajouter le riz. Laisser mijoter 2-3 heures, le temps que le riz soit gonflé au complet.

Ajouter la tasse d’eau, remuer, laisser mijoter une autre heure.

Retirer du feu, laisser reposer un peu.




Jambalaya recipe creole

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  • Formidable, Michel! Sauce Jack’s Red Hot? Do you put that shit on everything?

  • That looks really good, but my French is a little rusty to understand some of the ingredients. I remember in high school that we had a French dinner and had to cook and speak in French while doing so. Our dish was a buche de noel. I remember the cognac, that’s about all…but somehow we made the cake!

  • Looks good!! I have never heard of Sauce Jack’s Red Hot. Is that similar to Tobasco sauce?

  • “Or, for fun, you can wing it and see how close you get to something edible!”

    HAHAHA. Classic.

    Well done, Mike. And now, dormir.

  • I thought red was rouge! But I could certainly eat what is in that photo! Bon appetit.

  • 2-3 saucisses spicy?
    épicée, non?

  • Non. C’est plus un recette en jouale.

  • Thanks! I’m sure it’s more appealing than some of the poutine we’ve shown here 🙂

  • Thanks, P.J., nothing like a mystery recipe, huh?

  • Okay, I’m going to try to make this. I might need a bit of help. What does the first line say?

  • Oops. It’s Frank’s Red Hot. That was not a translation error. Just an oversight. I guess it’s just hot sauce. Hotter than tabasco.

  • Very funny. Do you mean the first line of the post or the recipe?

  • Actually it was a mistake on my part. It’s Frank’s Red Hot.

  • Hey Mike! Damn, I’ve not made jambalaya in ages. Mine’s a little different to this, but damn, it looks good! Indigo

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Damn, I’m le hungry!

  • Oh CRAP. I got really really excited about the recipe and then saw it is in freaking FRENCH!!!!! 🙂

  • KZ

    I don’t understand much French, but I think I can figure this one out. So uh, one thing though. Is it really advisable to simmer the bubblegum and brake fluid sauce for so long before you pour it over the hedgehog hearts?


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