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Is this still going on? It’s day 13 of 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Today’s prompt…Unintended.


It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but as I stepped off the subway at 11:20pm, I found myself exiting the station with an acute sense of urgency.

I pushed through the late night crowd and passed that loud group of kids that had shared the subway car with me. They didn’t scare me or anything. They’re just loud. Anyway, I could probably take them if it came to that. I’m not nervous. What? Do I look nervous?

How about now?

I had to hurry.

I took the escalator, and I walked up briskly. That’s right, buddy. Move over. Stand Right, Walk Left. Escalators have rules too. What, are you animals? We live in a society. Out of my way. You too, lady. Nice hat. Ha ha. Yes. Almost there. Almost there…

I reached the landing and pushed on the door. Cool winter air. Freedom at last! I paused and looked around. Snow was starting to fall on The Square.

I looked at my phone. There was still time. I turned and walked West. That’s right. West.


I kept walking. Just a short while now. I made the light and crossed the boulevard, while looking over my shoulder. I’m not paranoid (those stupid kids were long gone), but I like to make sure I don’t get run over while crossing the street. It would be a shame if I didn’t make it after expending all of this energy.


Their dirty little neon sign wasn’t even lit but I could see someone inside. Only cash, huh? You want cash? Well I got cash you shady bastards.

God, this guy needs a shave. He eyeballed me: “What do you want?”
“Gimme 1 slice all dressed and 1 slice Mexican.”
“That’ll be $5.75.”

I’d really only intended on 1 slice. In fact, I hadn’t intended on any slices, but that’s how life happens. One minute you don’t have pizza, and then you do.

chez dany pizza montreal

Now go see what everyone else didn’t intend for today.

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  • Ah, there’s nothing quite like an unintended pointe de pizza. Well, other than an unintended lottery win.

  • Tami Von Zalez

    Great image – now, when are you guys thinking about a photo challenge?

    I’m a glutton for punishment, I know …

  • Hey Mike! Snow AND fast food? You live in heaven, my friend. But for the record, it works opposite for me; one moment I have a ton of pizza, the next I don’t. But damn, it tasted good. Indigo

  • Barb

    pizza….it had to be pizza… now I want some- damned diet!

  • I’m glad it was pizza – at first I thought you just needed a bathroom.

  • Pizza in the snow! What a charming idea! Okay, maybe the snow really isn’t all that charming, because it’s cold and it’s wet, but the pizza is hot and spicy so it’s all good in the unintended end.

  • I’d go out of my way for pizza. I, too thought something more urgent was happening though. You had me worried for awhile.

  • You had me going for a bit, too. The pizza sounds good, and totally worth it.

  • Ohhh, pizza… Not too cheesy, I hope?

    “I took the escalator, and I walked up briskly. That’s right, buddy. Move over. Stand Right, Walk Left. Escalators have rules too. What, are you animals? We live in a society. Out of my way. You too, lady. Nice hat. Ha ha. Yes. Almost there. Almost there…” — I absolutely loved this paragraph. Brilliant writing, Pizza Man. 😉

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I thought you really had to pee badly. Boy, was I wrong. I love pizza. And two slices! You really know how to live, CheesyMike.

    I might’ve said this before, but your writing has been really awesome throughout this challenge/competition/BDSM session. It’s consistently impressive.

  • MalisaHargrove

    Pizza on the sly. My kind of late night rendevous! Very nice post today, buddy of Cooter.

  • All dressed and Mexican. EXPLAIN! Both sound like they are amazing!

  • KZ

    That was thoroughly enjoyable, Mike. You really know how to build up a sense of anticipation and curiosity in the reader. The internal monologue was cute, too. “One minute you don’t have pizza, and then you do.” That sounds like a great catch phrase if I’ve ever heard one.

  • I know. I always intend to win the lottery too. Never happens though.

  • I would totally be down for one actually (not yet though!). However, you need to pester Ziva and MikeWJ on that one 🙂

  • HA! That’s true too. That saying works well backwards.

  • Hard to resist, so just give in. I know. It’s evil 🙂

  • Strangely enough, so did I.

  • It really balances out nicely it does.

  • Most of my tales have happy endings that way. Especially if food is involved.

  • It was. It’s good to satisfy those cravings once in awhile.

  • The Stand Right Walk Left rule is the glue that holds society together. Without it. Chaos. Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks BonyMike. Good pizza is high living.

  • Thanks Malisa. A date with pizza can not be understated.

  • Maybe I should continue this tale of pizza.

  • Thanks, KZ. I’m hoping it catches on 😉

  • Hell yeah. Late night pizza. Never a bad thing, I don’t think!

  • Mmmmmmm! Pizza!!!


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