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Where Can I Get a Good Blintz?

Welcome to Day 14 of 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Today’s prompt is Where Can I Get A Good Blintz?, and you can send the fan mail to MikeWJ. Don’t forget to link up at the end of this post if you participated in today’s challenge before .

To clear up any confusion, this is CheesyMike hosting the post with the linky thing since Nicky’s post is going to be late today. Apparently they’re having a “power failure” over at the homestead. Yep, seems that this is how they pronounce procrastination these days.

So let’s get started…


“Where can I get a good blintz?”video cinema lamour sepia st-laurent porn theatre
“That, my friend, is an excellent question.”
“Do you have the answer?”
“I might. For a dollar.”
“A dollar?”
“Yeah. You want that blintz, or don’t you?”
“I really want it. Here’s your dollar.”
“Thank you. It’s down the street.”
“How far down?”
“One block past the porno theatre.”
“The porno theatre?”
“Yeah. Cinema L’Amour.”line-up at schwartzs montreal smoked meat
“Ha ha. Is that place still open? Not like I care or anything…”
“Yep. And free for couples on Mondays.”
“Just my luck. It’s Thursday and I’m single.”
“Too bad, huh?”
“I’ve had worse luck. Any other landmarks?”
“Well, there’s One Tooth Gil.”
“You got something more reliable?”
“Ok ok. You know where Schwartz’s is?”
“Well, across the street.”the main montreal deli bifteque blintz
“And that’s where I can get a good blintz?”
“I’m no expert, but I hear they’re good.”
“Are they open late?”
“They never close.”
“Great! Thanks alot.”



N.B. When I finished writing this I realized that I inadvertently took photos of three well known landmarks along St-Laurent Boulevard aka The Main over the course of two 30 Day Photo Challenges and this writing challenge. I guess this completes some weird unplanned trilogy.

Now go link up and visit all the other blintz seekers!

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