Spring Break

My nineteen year old son, Jake, was on spring break a couple of weeks ago.


Jake was 16 when this picture was taken.

Unlike so many teenage boys, Jake did not head south to some “Girls Gone Wild” destination. Mainly because his girlfriend would kick his ass if he did.

But also because Jake is a serious, studious, responsible young man with a good head on his shoulders.

Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha! Sometimes, I crack myself up! Yeah, no. It’s only because his girlfriend would totally kick his ass if he did.

In any case, Jake did something even more fun than heading down south to naked girl country. He went to work with his mom.

*Ok, everyone all at once – awwwwww*


He doesn’t like having his picture taken so this is one of the rare few that I have where he isn’t completely covering his face with his hands or hiding in his shirt.

That’s right, we needed someone to do some data entry /web archiving type stuff and Jake was just the unskilled, inexperienced, unwittingly underpaid, do-it-or-you’re-grounded teen for the job.

Kidding! Of course, I’m kidding. No need to call Social Services. This time. Relax, it’s not like he was chained to the desk or anything. This time.

While the work wasn’t extremely complicated, it did require a tech savvy individual with an eye for detail. We figured there was roughly a week’s worth of work. Jake finished in under three days. And he actually did a good job.

It gave me hope that I might end up in a “nice” home, it did.

Although he wasn’t there very long, there are a few things that I immediately missed once Jake was done. Besides actually getting paid to boss him around, I mean.

I miss how he would cue up Thrift Shop by Macklemore on his phone and play it the minute we stepped into the parking lot, both our heads bobbing to the music and both of us trying to keep up with the lyrics.


I finally convinced him to let me take one picture of him and of course, he goofed off in it.

I miss his silliness, like when he locked the car door before he actually got out of the car. It’s nice to laugh with someone after a tough day at work. It’s even nicer to laugh at someone after a tough day at work.

I miss how, every time he walked into my office, by some weird coincidence, my computer’s screen saver – which cycles through a number of photographs – always, always was always displaying this picture:


He HATES this picture.

And Jake would, without fail, move my mouse so the screen saver would disappear. Because he hates this picture. Which I’ve just plastered all over my blog. You’re welcome,  Jake. Momma loves ya, baby.

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