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The 30M2DoW Aftermath Party!

Hello everyone! If you participated in the 30 – 2 Days of Writing challenge and actually came back here after the morbidly painful event was over, well then that just means you haven’t been drinking enough Finlandia vodka. Or tequila. Or rum. Or gin. Or anti-freeze, if necessary.

Anyway, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated. Thank you so much. Without your participation, we wouldn’t have been able to throw this challenge. Did you catch that? If you DON’T agree to participate, we CAN’T have a challenge. I’m just pointing that out for no particular reason at all. Not that I’m trying to hint at anything. Just sayin’. Is. All.

Right, moving on! As you know, the multi-talented and devilishly handsome Indigo designed the most fabulous t-shirts for those who survived the 30M2DoW challenge. Well, he also created a very special design at our request:

winner shirt So, I was going to make this really awesome video with my lovely assistant Max who was just so helpful the last time I needed someone to pull names out of a box. But then I ended up drinking  procrastinating  really busy doing important stuff that took up a lot of time and when I finally got around to making the video, Max had gone to bed. Which meant I had to draw the winners’ names myself. 

It also meant that I was much more mellow and didn’t have to do 300 takes because of a 5 year old prancing around and distracting me. Without further ado, I give you the official drawing of the 30M2DoW winners!

Thanks again all and congratulations to the winners!

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  • If it had been me, I would have settled for the anti-freeze. Congrats to MWJ and Barb and thanks to you and Cheesy Mike for organizing such a fun and enjoyable exercise.

  • This was fun, I think…although people who don’t agree to participate should be excused from class.
    Congrats to MWJ and Barb, although I think most of us really wanted MWJ to win the picture of the back of Mike’s head.

  • I was going to be all nice and eloquent, thanking you and CheesyMike for hosting such an amazing challenge, allowing us all to be creative and have fun and make new friends and reconnect with old friends, and i was going to congratulate MikeWJ and Barb on the win and the awesome t-shirts, but then I saw you in that video, Nicky, and now I’m just staring at the screen and drooling.

    You are the most gorgeous woman ever.

  • Congratulations to MWJ and Barb. Great tee-shirts! To clarify, was that 300 tokes or takes?

  • Tami Von Zalez

    Woot woot to the winners! Nicky – is that a new pair of glasses? Tres chic!

    I did miss Max on this vlog … and you speaking French.

    Please tell me you’ll host another challenge this summer (am looking for something that will keep me out of trouble ~)

  • Any day I can wake up and look at Nicky is a good day. In person was a bit better, but this is damn good too!

  • This is a blue-ribbon society. The world where parents make sure their kids are always winners. People can’t lose. It’s true. Look at any weekend kids soccer tournaments. More blue ribbons than anything else. Everybody is a winner.

    So, it’s time to pony up. Where’s the blue-ribbon shirts for everybody? I demand the blue ribbon! Demand, I tell ya!

  • Yeah… we’re all winners! (Which is why I bought my own t-shirt!)

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I really wanted that photo, to be honest.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    All sorts of things leap to mind here:

    1) I’m honored to have had my name picked from a bowl full of names. I feel like cereal.

    2) What is the guy in the t-shirt photo staring at? I don’t think he’s paying attention.

    3) My grandmother wore glasses like yours in 1958, except that they had tiny rhinestones in the corners.

    4) I’m still tired from writing every day for a month.

    5) I didn’t miss Max in your video, but I wish you had spoken French. I won’t explain exactly why, but let’s just say it’s like stilettos for the ears.

  • I would say it was our pleasure, mon ami, but I don’t think either of us has had enough anti-freeze to believe that! 😉

  • A lot of people wanted that photo. It’s kind of disturbing, actually.

  • As long as they have a note from their parents, LM, they can and will be excused. 🙂

  • Ah, Lemmikki. You always know just what to say. Always. 🙂

  • Yes. 🙂

  • Hey Tami, yes those are my new glasses and thank you!

    Yes, Max definitely adds a certain je ne sais quoi, doesn’t he? 🙂

    Another challenge?! *reaches for bottle of anti-freeze*

  • Thank you, hon! You are too sweet 🙂

  • It was a great month, and we are, indeed, all winners. Congrats to MikeWJ and Barb, and thanks to Indigo for designing those great shirts.

  • This may be a blue-ribbon society, P.J, but I am not a blue-ribbon kinda girl. As I tell my children, sometimes you lose. Suck it up. 🙂

  • Boom Boom, you were a winner before you bought the shirt! 🙂

  • I’m curious. What type of cereal do you feel like? Seriously, I think if I were cereal, I’d be Froot Loops.

    The guy in the t-shirt photo is staring at you.

    Are you telling me I look like your grandmother sans bling?

    I’m still tired from listening to you whine every day for a month.

    Max is heartbroken. Stilettos for the ears? Be careful you don’t perforate your eardrum! 🙂

  • mybearsnme

    yeahhhhhh… it’s over, lol…. it was fun! Congrats sniff sniff to the sniff sniff……winnners…siniff sniff… not that sniff sniff sniff.. that I’m sniff sad or sniff anything like that… I’mm just going to go hide out and sob in my closet now…sniff sniff….

  • Blue. Ribbon. Now. I. Want. My. Blue. Feckin’. Ribbon.


  • I am crying laughing at MWJ’s comment.

  • KZ

    Congratulations to the winners. Also, I extend a hearty “Damn you!” to the winners. I guess I’ll just have to endure another 28 to 30 days of writing for another opportunity to hear Nicky announce my name as a winner…in French.

  • Congrats Mike & Barb!

  • June O’Hara


  • It was really fun… REALLY HARD too…. but I felt I did some writing like I’ve never done before. My rape/roses one was actually my favorite. Something horrible that I never would have thought of… but I was so proud!


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