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The 30M2DoW Aftermath Party!

Hello everyone! If you participated in the 30 – 2 Days of Writing challenge and actually came back here after the morbidly painful event was over, well then that just means you haven’t been drinking enough Finlandia vodka. Or tequila. Or rum. Or gin. Or anti-freeze, if necessary.

Anyway, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated. Thank you so much. Without your participation, we wouldn’t have been able to throw this challenge. Did you catch that? If you DON’T agree to participate, we CAN’T have a challenge. I’m just pointing that out for no particular reason at all. Not that I’m trying to hint at anything. Just sayin’. Is. All.

Right, moving on! As you know, the multi-talented and devilishly handsome Indigo designed the most fabulous t-shirts for those who survived the 30M2DoW challenge. Well, he also created a very special design at our request:

winner shirt So, I was going to make this really awesome video with my lovely assistant Max who was just so helpful the last time I needed someone to pull names out of a box. But then I ended up drinking  procrastinating  really busy doing important stuff that took up a lot of time and when I finally got around to making the video, Max had gone to bed. Which meant I had to draw the winners’ names myself. 

It also meant that I was much more mellow and didn’t have to do 300 takes because of a 5 year old prancing around and distracting me. Without further ado, I give you the official drawing of the 30M2DoW winners!

Thanks again all and congratulations to the winners!

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