Happy Birthday, Mon Ami

birthday cakeToday is a very special day. On this day in 1996, the now-defunct Montreal Expos thrashed the Colorado Rockies 21-9 at Coors Field. If that isn’t incredible enough, on this day in 1789, the crew of the British ship Bounty mutinied, setting Captain William Bligh and 18 sailors adrift in a launch in the South Pacific. And perhaps most incredibly, on this day back when men were men and sheep were scared, the King Of Puns was born.

That’s right, our pal Dufus is having a birthday today! CheesyMike and I wanted to do something really special our very punny friend. I found a book on puns that I thought would be two meaningful. But then CheesyMike pointed out that a pun can be made on any subject except a king who isn’t a subject. So we moved away from puns. Did you know that seven days without a pun makes one weak? It does. Which explains how and why we ended up doing what we did.


Look, what can we say? We’re bloggers, not videographers!  But despite our obvious lack of talent, we love you Dufus and hope you have a wonderful birthday! And remember, pastry chefs know that old age crepes up on you! So stock up on maple syrup.

We are far from the only ones wanting to celebrate this grand occasion! To see who else is paying tribute the His Royal Highness of Puns, please visit Cheryl over at Deckside Thoughts.

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