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My World… Sort Of

My friend P.J. is hosting a photo challenge that entails taking 5 pictures per month based on a theme he announces at the beginning of each month. For example, March’s theme was “My World”.

I wanted to participate in his challenge. I really did. But somehow, March got away from me and I barely took any pictures. Not even with my cell phone.

There is a picture that was taken this March, though not by me, that has had a huge impact in my world. Before I post it here, I’d like to share a bit of the back story about this photo.

Last September, I went to Las Vegas for work. While there, I met a doctor who demonstrated a piece of diagnostic equipment that takes pictures of the retina. He took a picture of my eyeball and quickly pulled me aside for a discussion. Seems I had some unhealthy stress accumulated. He did an informal medical history and let me know that what he saw indicated dangerously high stress levels. He made some recommendations about how I could improve the situation, starting with the obvious – quit smoking.

When I got back home from Vegas, I started making a few changes in my life based on the doctor’s suggestions. And shortly afterwards, on December 22nd, 2012 – a noteworthy day for so many reasons – I had a cigarette for the very last time. After more than 30 years as a smoker, I quit.

Two weeks ago, I was in New York for work. I saw the good doctor again and he offered to take another picture of my eye.

xray behind your eye

Pretty cool in a totally disgusting kind of way, right?

There are still some signs of stress, if you know where to look, but the doctor was pretty freakin’ amazed at how vastly I’ve improved in only 6 months time. At this rate, I may outlive Jepeto – and not because I’ve murdered him in his sleep, either!

Oh, there was one other really major event that happened in March! I got my “I survived 30M2DoW t-shirt!!

WWFC cheese shirt

The fact that my hand looks freakishly out of proportion with the rest of me and I seem to have a spare tire growing out of my back doesn’t stress me out at all.

You can still get your own t-shirt by visiting my pal Indigo HERE. Indigo has agreed to donate the profits from t-shirt sales to the charity of our choice and I opted for the Make A Wish foundation because there isn’t a charity for cheese (and believe me, I tried to find one).

Now check out the other folks who really did participate in this challenge over at P.J.’s blog. I promise I’ll try to do better for April’s theme.

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