Photo Challenges


I messed up.

I messed up bad. Real bad.

I’ve been whining like a baby about writing ever since that cold traumatic February writing challenge. Then, I told myself that I’d take part in P.J.’s photo blog challenge. Hell, you only have to post 5 photos and only once a month. How hard could it be?

I know, right?

Well, I bailed for March but I was determined to make it for April. except for some reason I thought I had to post on May 1st. So I’m late. Really late! Anyway, bear with me. I’m still getting the hang of my camera, and I still ended up using my phone for a few shots.

The theme: Transportation

1. Get Me Out Of Here!
I run down these stairs every day at quitting time to escape the chains of my taskmasters. They transport me to freedom. Freedom! The building was built in the 1940’s. Dig that sweet, sweet, art deco goodness.


2. Look Out Below!
Gotta love the neighbourhood Debris Tube. Great for transporting debris from upstairs, to downstairs. The diameter is quite impressive too, like you could probably throw a corpse in there and it wouldn’t even get stuck. Not like I’d know anything about that.



3. Garbage Day
Garbage being transported to its final resting place: the dump. Fantastic. I was downwind when I took this shot. The things I do for blogging…

garbage truck montreal

4. Footwear
The boot is to the foot as the hood is to the engine. Or something like that. Ok, let’s not get too deep. It’s a boot. And yes, my foot is on my dining table. I live like an animal.

blundstones black

5. Cycling
And finally, the requisite cycling photo. Cycling as transportation or leisure? This is a rare moment where everyone is actually obeying the traffic signals! I just had to take a photo or no one would have believed me.

bike safety montreal

No go see what everyone else did for this Photo Challenge. Although you probably already have, since I’m so incredibly late.

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