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I’m old. And tired. My day begins at 4 am, when I grind wheat for pancakes. No, that’s not a euphemism for anything. I work long hours for little glory and have 15 million children to take care of even though they’re technically old enough to take care of their damn selves. So, yeah, I’m old. And tired. And I don’t go out at night.

Which is a problem because I’m participating in a photo challenge and the  photo challenge theme is “Night”. And taking pictures at night would mean staying up past 8 pm. So instead, while out on my power walk this evening,  I took some pictures of places I wouldn’t want to visit at night.

deserted lot

Above is an abandoned lot right beside some train tracks. It always strikes me as the kind of place where “a passing motorist found the body”.

alien trees

Trees never used to bother me until my friend Linda explained that trees are where aliens hide. Or maybe they are the aliens. I’m not sure and I’m not taking any chances. Because this wooded copse looks like the kind of place where “a passing motorist saw a flash of light and awoke four hours later with no memory of the what transpired during those lost hours and with a decidedly probed sensation.”


I won’t go into this tunnel in broad daylight. Unless CheesyMike makes me, that is. Because this tunnel smells like a place where “passing motorists dump the rotting, decomposing, reeking alien bodies that they found.”

haunted house

I’ve taken pictures of this house a couple of times before. I hope you all appreciate that I put my life in danger. Repeatedly. Because this is the kind of place where “passing motorists and aliens disappear and no bodies are ever found. Ever.”

There were supposed to be five pictures in this challenge, but the sun was starting to set and I had to go to bed. Go check out the other participants in this challenge by visiting my friend P.J.’s blog!

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