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Bridges to Somewhere

Look. It’s a bunch of bridges from all over the place, but mostly just from two places. One of those places happens to be Manhattan, a place I’ve crisscrossed countless times chasing down the Drunken Duo, aka Nicky and Ziva. All I did was suggest that we get a cold drink, and the next thing you know, the bar’s got a drink named after them.  10 Nikiva Martinis later and it’s all arms, legs and flowing hair. And maybe a little spooning. Now I need a drink.

Here are those bridges I mentioned. Also, go visit P.J’s blog and see how everyone else interpreted this month’s theme.
brooklyn bridge central park bridge champlain bridge inchworm straw bridge manhattan bridge

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  • Hey Mike! Long time no see! LOVE the caterpillar bridge! Almost missed it! Indigo

  • QMM

    Looks like you are all friends. Drinking buddies and such. Great bridge shots.

  • I love the second shot and the fourth made me laugh out loud! A straw bridge?

  • Love your pictures (as always) and especially the straw one.

  • GeoKs

    Awesome caterpillar bridge – by far the most unique “bridge” photo so far this month. Thanks for posting!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Just reading your post makes me want a drink. I really like the shot of the dude playing sax under the bridge, too.

  • Mike Davis

    The caterpillar is awesome! I really like the last one, too.

  • Fab, photos! I wish I could have been WITH you guys in NYC! *sad face*

  • Boy you waited till the last minute, didn’t you. And how did you find the time when you were so busy keeping an eye on Ziva and Nicky? Nice shots, though.

  • Paul Myers

    Excellent shots. I’m torn between the inch worm and the last one where you just get a peek of the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Thanks, Indigo, it was so tiny I almost missed it too.

  • Thanks QMM. Thankfully we didn’t combine drinking with bridge walking 🙂

  • It’s funny, I hadn’t considered the straw as a bridge, but more the inchworm’s arch as the bridge. That’s a different way to interpret it 🙂

  • Thank you, Cheryl. It was pure luck that that little guy showed up for the picture 🙂

  • It was a lucky shot, but it fit the theme. Thanks GeoKs!

  • Thanks, Mike. There was something drink inducing about the whole weekend, but without drinking too much. I wanted to remember every moment.

  • Thanks Mike. I didn’t realize until afterwards that there are actually 2 bridges in that shot 🙂

  • Thanks, Meleah! I know, it would be awesome to get to visit everyone all at once. Wish we had the time to do it all.

  • Neither did I. Trust me to cause confusion, with my attempt at being clever, that failed miserably. The inchworm makes the perfect bridge. I just called it a straw bridge because I’d seen so many wooden bridges in other posts. We don’t have wooden bridges in the UK and I thought that….. Oh never mind. Ignore me 😉

  • Yep, the last one is misleading. When we first saw it, we thought it was the Brooklyn Bridge too, but in fact it’s the Manhattan Bridge. You can see the on-ramp of the Brooklyn Bridge in the bottom third of the photo, however.

  • Thanks Dufus. Thankfully Nicky and Ziva were able to fend for themselves while I snapped away.

  • That would RULE.

  • It’s interesting how many people confuse the Manhattan Bridge for the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Love these! And now I want to go to Manhattan – I miss it!!!

  • Okay, I love the worm, I love the man playing the sax, I love the shot of the Manhattan bridge, and I LOVE Nikiva Martinis. You did an amazing job on these photos, Mike. Are you coming to Finland soon? 😉

  • Yep. both bridges were built so close together that it becomes a trick of the eye, even though both bridges have very different features.

  • I miss it too already.

  • Thanks Z, I’ll be coming soon. I can bring some of the ingredients 😉

  • Awesome! Because you know, one of the ingredients of a Nikiva Martini is a limerick-writing wiseass sitting close by with a camera, providing entertainment.

  • lisa

    Oh my! That shot of the inchworm traveling up its “bridge” is just too cute!


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