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Photo Challenge: Night

I’ve been working until midnight every night for the past few weeks, which not only gives me the luxury of having almost no social life, but is also a great opportunity to take some photos on my late night bike rides home.

That said, I still waited until the last possible minute and chose to take pictures on Thursday night, the last night in May for PJ’s monthly photo challenge.

Some taillight streaks. I tried to get a clean traffic shot but I liked how this came out better.

taillight streaks night photography

Many streets are pretty deserted after midnight on a Thursday. I like to imagine that some shady dealings were going down here. 2 cars suspiciously parked in front of a restaurant that you can never make a reservation at, you don’t know what their operating hours, and you don’t know anyone who’s ever eaten there or what they serve. Deals are going down, envelopes stuffed with cash are being traded for contracts and …oh crap…do you think anyone saw me take a picture of their cars?

late night meeting shady characters deal going down

Can someone please tell the city to stop putting statues of people in the parks?  I don’t care if it’s Jean Paul Piopelle. They creep me out!

jean paul riopelle statue montreal

The grates on the windows are probably a pretty good idea.

jacks musique montreal st-antoine music store

Thursday night was pretty happening around Club Soda with a hip hop show and an electronic music festival going on. Now go see what everyone else put together over at PJ’s Blog.

Club Soda Montreal mutek walking st-laurent


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  • I’m a bit disappointed, Mike, that you didn’t have any images of the outside (or inside) of some adult clubs. I think with all that neon, it would have been worth it. 😉

  • Love the illuminated building!

  • Nice pics, Mike. Were you having dinner with the mayor of Laval?

  • Mike, I fell in love with that 2nd photo even before you added all the intrigue. And yes, a few mob-types DID see you photographing their cars and are they ever pissed.

  • That second shot is not only great, but I agree, something sinister is definitely going down! Statues in the park at night are creepy.

  • The shot of the bench is creepy. I don’t like statues of people in the park either. But at least you don’t have to make small talk.

  • I absolutely love that second photo! There’s definitely something shady going on. And the statue photo is so creepy… You did really good on these photos, Mike. I’m very impressed.

  • Well done, Mike. I like the taillight streaks a lot!

  • Me too. I had luck, and the cropping tool on my side 🙂

  • You’re too kind. I’m still stumbling around with my night settings, actually, with all of the settings on the camera 🙂

  • Exactly. It’s when you do that you have to start worrying.

  • I’ve been looking over my shoulder ever since.

  • I’m starting to think I should lay low for awhile.

  • I wish. I could use a suspicious brown envelope right about now.

  • Thanks Indigo

  • Maybe you should make that a theme 🙂

  • Nice!

  • Paul Myers

    I like how you caught the people on the sidewalk in your last shot, with a little blur, yet just enough so you could tell they were people. Otherwise, this one might have an alien quality to it.

  • Lisa

    I love the first shot with the streaked tail lights. I believe you have a wonderful flair for the dramatic. Perhaps there’s a crime drama story in the second shot? Great captures.


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