We Have a New Theme. This Time For Realz

Voila. We have a new theme!

We tried out the Max Magazine theme the other day, which didn’t work out so well. It was just wonky and weird and required too much work right out of the box. So we scrapped it.

So, after hours of deliberation over at the WWFC compound, we finally decided on The Morning After theme from Woo themes. It’s a solid theme which you might remember from such websites as Whisker Patrol, one of the greatest websites to ever purr its way onto the Internet.

I guess that doesn’t make the theme ‘new’ per se, but it’s customizable, you can see our banner, and it only required a couple of hours to set up, which I did late last night as noted in the chat log:

Me: So what do you think?
Nicky: I think therefore I am.
Me: Aha!
Nicky: Lolz stfu.
Me: U stfu. I was up until 3am tweaking it.
Nicky: Too much information dude!
Me: That wasn’t a euphemism!

Well that degenerated fast. Needless to say, we like it and the new theme passed the WWFC Board of Trade who are a craggy old bunch who only care about the stock price and where their next Gin and Tonic is coming from.

We hope you like it too.

While I get back to “tweaking it”, here’s a picture of some buildings taken from my prison cell.
sunset buildings downtown

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  • I missed the banner. Glad you added it back. It completes you. The theme is clean and airy and gets lots of sunlight. Perfect way to start the day the morning after.

  • I liked the other one you did with the big Sports Illustrated banner going across the top.
    Oh, was the other site, the good one. Ya, this is nice too.

  • Tami Von Zalez

    Um, what’s changed? Sorry, I’m hungover ….

  • Looks great!!! I am glad to see the big banner back along with We Work For Cheese. Tweaking seems to work for you.

  • Am I bad when I say that I can’t remember what your previous theme looked like? I mean your old them, not the old, new one.

  • I know. Years of practice!

  • Or even before the night before the morning after.

  • That one was great until the lawsuits hit.

  • Nothing at all. Go back to sleep. 😉

  • Thanks, Cheryl. No being able to use the banner was unacceptable. Now we can get back to writing (I say this not having written a word for months).

  • I know, right? I barely remember what it looked like already 😉

  • I like this one the best!


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