Photo Challenges

July Photo Challenge: Signs

At the parking lot near my office. Bumping your head on this sign might also be a sign that you are really, really tall.

It’s the sign of the spider. Whatever that means.

Here’s a clear sign that something has gotten into your tomato plant. I blame the squirrel. AGAIN. So yeah. I’m watching you, squirrel. You hear me? How would you like it if I ate your nuts? Wait. What I meant to say was…well, lets just say that you stay away from my tomatoes and I don’t hose you down the next time I see you. You got that, squirrel?

These things are on the top of my cubicle wall. Oddly enough, I only noticed them today because I thought I was looking at a mirror this whole time. A clear sign that I’ve gone completely crazy.

How many signs do you see? Have you ever seen Between Two Ferns? I call this “Between Two Stop Signs”.
plateau signs marie anne mont royal

Now go see what everyone else posted today, although you probably have already since this is pretty late.

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