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July Photo Challenge: Signs

At the parking lot near my office. Bumping your head on this sign might also be a sign that you are really, really tall.

It’s the sign of the spider. Whatever that means.

Here’s a clear sign that something has gotten into your tomato plant. I blame the squirrel. AGAIN. So yeah. I’m watching you, squirrel. You hear me? How would you like it if I ate your nuts? Wait. What I meant to say was…well, lets just say that you stay away from my tomatoes and I don’t hose you down the next time I see you. You got that, squirrel?

These things are on the top of my cubicle wall. Oddly enough, I only noticed them today because I thought I was looking at a mirror this whole time. A clear sign that I’ve gone completely crazy.

How many signs do you see? Have you ever seen Between Two Ferns? I call this “Between Two Stop Signs”.
plateau signs marie anne mont royal

Now go see what everyone else posted today, although you probably have already since this is pretty late.

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  • Poor squirrel. Are you sure it wasn’t a slug that ate your tomato? It’s a bit early for spiders. We don’t get ours until about September.

  • I don’t know how many signs are in that last pic but I think I found Waldo.

  • Very imaginative photos for the “sign” theme. Love the pics….

  • lisa

    Your commentary made me giggle. Very nice collection of signage. 🙂 We have tomatoes and squirrels…..and an awesome electric fence around the veggie garden. A sign that they probably shouldn’t enter in.

  • That hole in your green tomato looks just like the silhouette of the Holy Pig, the Guardian of Cheese Lovers. You know you’re going to have to keep it forever, right?

  • Wait a second. Are you saying that you’re siding with the squirrel? This could change our relationship entirely.

  • Thanks, Cheryl 🙂

  • You have to remember that this is the UK. Squirrels are mainly found in woods and park land and it’s a treat to see a glimpse of one, as it isn’t often we do. You won’t hold that against me, will you? 😉

  • Of course not 🙂 Our city squirrels are plentiful, bold, and mostly a nuisance when it comes to gardens and such.

  • Thanks, Lisa. Knowing me, an electric fence would probably provide the squirrels with some amusement.

  • Of course. I’ll put it on a shelf where it can watch over the kitchen and just generally creep people out 😉

  • Me too. Is he the one under the wheels of that hatchback?

  • excellent photos! except for the spider one – YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s why zoom lenses were invented: so we don’t have to actually get close to those things!

  • Lolz!

  • I want to grow my own tomatoes so bad, but I’m afraid they’ll just get eaten by all the little critters – SIGH!

  • Paul Myers

    Nicely done. I feel your pain on your tomatoes.

  • You know, Sunshine, I’m trying really hard to leave an intelligent comment here about the great photos you took – I especially like the city street – but honestly, I’m still thinking about how I’d like it if you ate my nuts.

  • Squirrels should stick to nuts. As much as I hate spiders, that’s a cool shot of the web.

  • These are all so wonderful! The tomato brought back many memories of those DAMN SQUIRRELS EATING ALL MY TOMATOES!!! 🙂

  • Elliot MacLeod-Michael

    That squirrel must pay for its crime.


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