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30 Days of Photos IV: Always

There’s an age old adage by Greek philosopher Socrates, I think, and it went something like this:

“If you find yourself in the thick of a photo challenge and you’ve got nothing, it’s always OK to post a photo of a cat. Always.”


So imagine my relief when I woke up late this morning, completely stumped for the day’s prompt for Day 18 of MikeWJ and Ziva‘s 30 day photography challenge, and remembered that quote.

Thanks Socrates!

cat bushes stake out

Now head on over to Ziva‘s, link up, and see how everyone else interpreted today’s theme.

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  • Okay, by now you know I’m not a big cat lover. But that is an amazing photo, Mike. Nice.

  • ReformingGeek

    Yes, always! I loves the kitty!

    Dufus is right. That is an amazing photo!

  • Oh that is a lovely photo! Who’s cat is it? Did you get another one?


    Also – holy amazing photo! What a BEAUTIFUL cat!

  • Tami Von Zalez

    Didn’t the others know it was cat photo day on the prompts?

  • I absolutely love this photo, Mike. One, there’s a cat in it! Two, it’s an awesome photo. And three, there’s a cat in it!!

  • Jackal

    a beauty!

  • That Socrates was a wise man…. wish I’d thought of that.

  • What a catastrophe

  • That’s a great cat pic.

  • OHHHHH WHAT A GORGEOUS KITTY!!! And that shot is amazing!

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    You could at least have said something like ‘cats always like to hide in the greenery so they can pounce on unsuspecting scurrying things’!

    It is a lovely photo. Now, what I want to know is this: are we getting another cat photo for Day 19?

  • Always I can count on you for the very best cat pictures. What a great shot.

  • Thanks, D. All i did was press the button. She’s a great subject.

  • Can’t go wrong with cats 🙂

  • I haven’t figured out who she belongs to yet, but I think she’s a community cat. She’s been coming around for visits for close to 4 years 🙂

  • Exactly! I’m pretty sure it was in the fine print .

  • She’s impossible not to take photos of 🙂

  • Cat photos = instant points 🙂

  • Yup 🙂

  • He was a pretty quotable guy.

  • lolz

  • Thanks A.

  • Thanks, Katherine

  • I was so tempted, but no. No cat photo for day 19 🙂

  • Thanks Cheryl. They’re just too irresistible not to take pictures of 🙂

  • hahahha – that is a great shot! Love the markings.

  • I can see why!


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