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30 Days of Photos IV: Anatomy

We’re in the home stretch now. It’s Day 21 of MikeWJ and Ziva‘s 30 day photography madness. Today’s theme is Anatomy and this could be a low point, but hey, sometimes nature throws something at you and you have no choice but to catch it. Also, it’s apple season. Discuss.

anatomy apples

Oh nature!


Now head on over to Ziva‘s, link up, and see how everyone else interpreted today’s theme.

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  • Boy you really know how to get to the core of the matter, don’t you.

  • Get a load of them apples! Perky, aren’t they?

  • Are those crab apples? I don’t care, I’ll eat them too.

  • He shoots! He scores the lowest point score in the challenge!

    Nice apples, though. Paula Reds, Honey Crisps, or something else? Looks like a Mac but I’m guessing it’s not.

  • That is AWESOME. Totally my favorite of the day!

  • ReformingGeek

    Holy Voluptuous Fruit, Mike! What a clever, and tasty, interpretation.

  • Everyone is the apple of somebody’s eye. Good one!

  • And not a hint of silicone to be seen 😉

  • Mike, your apples are really firm and perky.

  • Jackal

    ummmm, look firm.

  • Nice melons. No. Wait a second…

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    You’re a dirty, dirty man, CheesyMike. Not that I mind, of course.


  • hah! I’m laughing at Katherine. Naughty nature pictures.

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    You could have labelled the apples and the leaves and twigs and called it ‘anatomy of a fruit tree’, but I kind of like your devil-may-care approach!

  • I am laughing…apple porn is the new must see on the Internet.

  • I also know how to pick ’em 😉

  • Ripe, even, one might say!

  • They are and they’re quite sour. Bon apetit!

  • I guess then that the photo was a success. I was trying to aim even lower, but this is what we ended up with.

    They’re crab apples, I think. Not very edible or tasty.

  • Yay 🙂

  • Thanks, Ref, but these things are pretty sour. Not so tasty at all.

  • At least it’s safe for work 😉

  • Ha, thanks, Linda.

  • Never, these are purely natural. Not even some pesticide! 😉

  • Plus, they have a healthy glow to them 😉

  • They’re definitely ready for pickin’

  • hahahhahahaa!

  • I’m just reporting on nature’s wonders. If that makes me dirty, so be it.

  • I’ll take the compliment anyhow.

  • Nature is just full of shameless surprises.

  • I figured I’d let nature do the talking.

  • So pretty!


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