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30 Days of Photos IV: Backwards

Welcome to day 4 of 30 Days of Photographs IV.  Here are a bunch of guitar pedals, although you can plug any instrument into them if you want to. In fact, let’s just refer to them as effects pedals. They’re a lot of fun. Just don’t plug the cables in backwards or you’re going to sound terrible:

guitar effects pedals boss electro-harmonix

Now head on over to Ziva‘s, link up, and see what everyone posted for today theme.

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  • I love this photo. My husband is a guitarist. I’ve spent half my life lugging gear, pedal board included.

  • Uh, I dunno.

  • Good thing you explained that picture, Mike. I wouldn’t of had a clue.

  • I bet you do have a lot of fun with those, but what about your neighbours?

  • That’s a very interesting shot and interesting interpretation of today’s theme, Mike. It’s having quite an effect on me.

  • This is a really great photo, Mike. I love the perspective and the oddness of all those weird knobs and cables. Of course, it has nothing to do with the theme, but who cares as long as the photo is great? 😀

  • ReformingGeek

    T-WANG! T-WANG! What’s that awful noise?

    Clever idea.r

  • Sweet, shot!! Seriously!

  • MalisaHargrove

    All those wires and buttons look a little bit like Lurch’s life support rig. That’s a dang nice photo though!

  • Nicely finessed and very creative. Great shot!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    You were desperate for an idea, weren’t you? I mean, it’s a good photo and all — did you get a new camera — but don’t plug the cables in backwards? Really?

    BTW, are those all yours? Because that’s an awesome amount of pedals.

  • Jackal

    Do I smell burning?? 😉

  • You’d also probably electrocute yourself… or at least I would. Even if those cables DO have the same fitting on both ends.

  • I would be the one that plugs them in backwards…. trust me! GREAT idea! And the shot is amazing.

  • No need to fret, Mike, this picture had me amped up

  • I’m totally wired after coffee and your picture. A really great shot!

  • As his roadie, I hope you’re at least getting paid.

  • It’s ok. I do.

  • It was a bit of a stretch, so an explanation was definitely needed.

  • That’s the great thing. I don’t complain about my upstairs neighbour’s flamenco dancing, and she doesn’t complain when I turn the amp up to 11 every so often.

  • I thought it was a sound idea.

  • That’s what I always say too. However, if you look real close, one of the orange knobs in the background IS on backwards, so there.

    Ok, it isn’t really. Whatever.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Quite possibly. Better check the toaster!

  • It looks like more than there are. There’s a tuner, a distortion and a delay. The square box with the black knobs is a vibrato/tremolo. A friend lent it to me this week and it’s glorious. Glorious!

    And yeah, I was pretty desperate.

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks, Malisa. I guess if music is a life giving force to some, then I guess it is sort of a life support rig in some way. I think that makes sense. It’s late.

  • Good eye. You’d have to be REALLY unlucky to get electrocuted in this scenario.

  • Oh good. I was worried for a minute there.

  • Thank you. It’s almost impossible to do, but if you do manage to, it just won’t work.

  • Thank you. Wires and cables. Almost impossible to keep them untangled.

  • Flamenco dancing? How thick are your floors?

  • Not thick enough!

  • You’re welcome!

  • Beautiful capture Mike. (I’d probably electrocute myself if even tried doing anything to or with that equipment.)

  • Yeah, right.

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