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30 Days of Photos IV: Frustration

Almost there. Just 8 more days of MikeWJ and Ziva‘s 30 day photo challenge. Today is Day 22 and the theme is Frustration which easily describes how I feel about this 30 Day Challenge at this point, and I just know that I’m not the only one. Other words come to mind as well, like Anger, Despair and Hopelessness and I’ve been feeling all of those things for about 22 days now. In fact I don’t know of anything else that can make you feel all of those emotions, except maybe the act of “Looking for Parking”.

It’s horrible.

And frustrating.

Especially on really narrow streets.

And when you do find an open spot, it’s always a fire hydrant.

Which is why I think that Looking for Parking should be friends with 30 Days of Photos IV. They’d get along famously.

montreal parking frustration

Now head on over to Ziva‘s, link up, and see how everyone else interpreted today’s theme.

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  • To get anywhere in your neighbourhood, you need to park and then walk a half hour.

  • I’m glad that I don’t have that frustration. I don’t drive, which could be seen as a frustration by others at times.

  • ReformingGeek

    Oh, ugh! I hate that. In unfamiliar downtown areas, I feel like I circle around forever and then get lost. This is definitely a good choice for frustration.

  • I lived on a street like that. Sometimes had to park blocks away. Sometimes forgot where I parked. UGGGHHH!

  • That is the WINNER of the frustration pictures. Nothing is more frustrating that not being able to find a parking spot. AND narrow streets also frustrate the crud out of me. I am now hyperventilating…

  • I love the streets in the winter where you have to change sides on odd/even days. Montreal parking is very frustrating.

  • Oh my god, this is hilarious, and so very very true. I love the photo. 🙂

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    For some reason, I’m nearly always able to find a space when I really need one. My OH would say ‘conjure up’ because he’s convinced it’s some kind of dark magic, but it’s not, it’s … I don’t know what it is, actually, probably just positive thinking!

    My most famous ‘conjuring’ feat was in the middle of Monopoli, Italy on a busy afternoon. We needed (alright, I needed) a pharmacy and I’d found that there was one open right on the town square, which was mostly taken up with gardens. All around the edge was nose-to-tail with (badly) parked cars, and OH said despairingly ‘what are we going to do now?’ and I replied ‘there’ll be a space here somewhere’. And as I spoke, a car pulled out right in front of us, and in we slotted! He’s regarded me with some considerable awe ever since then.

  • Come on down to my little city and loose your ever lovin’ mind! This is hysterical and true and you illustrated it perfectly with this super photo.

  • Jackal


  • What’s even more maddening is when you break your leg and have a handicap sticker and STILL can’t find a parking spot! Been there, done that!

  • Holy tight parking!!! Whoa.

  • Ugh! Brings back memories of parking in New York City.

  • Oh that would SUCK parking there!!!! Pretty shot though!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    That is one ugly scene you’ve captured in that photo. It’s so ugly that the photo takes on an artistic quality. Good job, Mike.

  • Can you find me a parking spot? Thanks.

  • I can feel the frustration here. You’re running late for a reservation, appointment, etc. and end up parking 10 blocks away ’cause you can’t find a spot. Sigh!

  • The exercise is an added value bonus to the distant parking spot.

  • I don’t even own a car, but when I have to use one…grrr..

  • Sometimes the GPS doesn’t even know.

  • It can be bad if you often have to move your car.

  • Ha. Sometimes you find a spot but it’s just a little bit too tiny. Then you have to find another spot.

  • Plus the resident parking and the days when the street cleaner comes by. It’s hard not to get a ticket.

  • I’m glad you do. I hate the photo. It reminds me of looking for parking 😉

  • To be fair, I’ve always been fairly lucky with finding a spot too, but yeah, there’s nothing quite like having someone witness one’s horseshoe parking abilities 😉

  • It’s even slightly blurry to illustrate ‘blind rage’. It happens in these situations 😉

  • Thx!

  • Don’t wanna do that!

  • Somedays I’m the king of parallel parking. Most days, not.

  • It’s nowhere near as bad, but it’s bad.

  • I can’t parallel park to save my life!

  • I keep wanting to say that it’s not that bad, but it is. It’s horrible.

  • You mean it’s so bad that it’s good? I’ll take that.

  • There’s one up on the left. Damn. Fire hydrant.

  • This is why it’s better to take the subway, or a cab.

  • Good choice! I used to live in New York and parking, especially on the street cleaning days was terrible!


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