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30 Days of Photos IV: Happily Ever After

Today is Day 30 (FINALLY) of MikeWJ and Ziva‘s 30 day photo challenge. Today’s prompt is Happily Ever After and I was this close to interpreting this prompt as UN-Happily Ever After, after 29 days of pure hell. Ok, so it wasn’t all bad and the despair didn’t really kick in until maybe the second week. And hey, sometimes you feel it by the second day. All I know, is that Happily Ever After is a mind-fuck of a prompt because it’s a phrase that elicits peace and calm and the feeling that everything turned out great. Except, at day 29 (day 30 as I type), you’re not feeling very calm or relaxed after what just felt like an eternity spent in some kind of internet browser purgatory where you’re¬†always feeling like you just missed a good night’s sleep by about 2 hours.

Anyway, there we were the other day, in the park, enjoying a late Indian Summer. The trees are turning, people are out, and you can still wear short sleeves. I took a few pictures without thinking about prompts for a change, but this one ended up fitting for Happily Ever After. It’s a little out of focus and the colours are faded (kind of how I feel right now) but it’s calm and relaxed and feels like an appropriate way to end the challenge.

And with that, thanks to MikeWJ and Ziva for hosting this horribly insane and nasty exercise and thanks to everyone who suffered along.

See you all next time, because you know there will be a next time. Why am I so sure? Because we have crap memories when it comes to torturing ourselves.

beaver lake autumn colours

We’re free! It’s over! Now head on over to Ziva‘s and link up one last time.

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