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30 Days of Photos IV: Rising

Today is Day 26 of MikeWJ and Ziva‘s 30 day photo challenge and the prompt is Rising.

Yesterday I was getting all sentimental about the earth becoming forever “poisoned” by the roads that we lay upon it. Well I have another angle since I’ve always been fascinated by infrastructure and the buildings that rise up around us. Nope. Things are not always black and white. Sure, nature = good and pollution = bad, but also, balanced and liveable cites = good. If you live in a city, the hope is that it is actually is liveable which is especially true now that the majority of the world’s population do live in cities as it was estimated in 2010.

This office tower was built in 1992 at the end of one of our largest building booms since the 1960’s.  There’s another building boom underway right now but this time they’re building high-rise residential towers in the downtown core, which is something that we don’t have a ton of. The idea is to bring more people to the city and to stem suburban sprawl over the next few decades. Will it work? Time will tell.


Well that was dry. Now head on over to Ziva‘s, link up, and see how everyone else interpreted today’s theme.

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  • ReformingGeek

    But is there a 13th floor?


    It looks to be a nice building. The glass looks similar to what we had office building where I used to work in Fort Worth. Tornado 2000 threw debris into that super-thick glass and left quite a few folks office-less for awhile. Wowsa.

  • That’s a really cool looking building, and a very good photo of it. The light is wonderful. 🙂

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    I’m ALL for stemming suburban sprawl! I’m like you; I appreciate that we need places to live, and that since a lot of us do live in cities, we need to make them ‘liveable’. I also hate the way countryside disappears under concrete with no particularly hard thinking.

  • That is a beautiful shot… The building is wonderful!

  • Another lovely building and a really good shot of it 🙂

  • Nice shot against a clear sky. I wonder who will live in those buildings. We’re thinking about trading our house for a condo at some point in the future but sadly you end up paying more for less square footage. That’s not right. Of course, in terms of urban sprawl, if you lived right downtown you wouldn’t have far to go to work.

  • Jackal

    cool shot.

  • Love how the sun is hitting the building. Wonderful colors.

  • Awesome shot! You are the master of composition.

  • Did you build that?

  • Yeah, did you build that just for the photo?

  • Not only did I build it, I erected it.

  • Yeah, what I told the other guy.

  • I did nothing. It was all the work of the sunset.

  • The sunsets are getting autumny.

  • Thanks, Jackal.

  • That’s the other thing. The new condos that they’re building include 600sq ft apartments, which is pretty small and starting price is around 250k. Close to work, but at what price?

  • Buildings are cool 🙂

  • It is cool, but wouldn’t wanna get stuck there in an elevator :p

  • Yep, there’s a very tough balance to strike.

  • There’s always a 13th floor 😉

    Yikes. I’m glad we don’t get those, although we’ll probably end up with a snownado with the crazy weather we’ve been having.

  • Thanks, Z. Hey do you have anything for NSEW? I have nothing.

  • I really like the angle you chose to capture this building.

  • Me too. It’s very cool.

  • As with the others…I like how the light is hitting the building. We are back in a building boom here, as well. …. but the building is still mostly confined to the suburbs while the urban core struggles to keep vital.

  • Wow. What an awesome looking building. Love the angle too.


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