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Today is Day 4 of the 30 Days of Photographs IV challenge (aka Bob) hosted by Ziva and MikeWJ and the prompt is Backwards.

Some people would say that putting a cracker between two pieces of cheese is doing things backwards. Some people should be bashed on the head.


Now go visit Ziva’s blog to see who else has participated. In honour of today’s prompt, please use your backhand to bash heads today.

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  • MalisaHargrove

    You REALLY wanted to be first, didn’t you? I really like your cheese theme this year. Kinda cheesy but quite delicious to look at. Is it okay to end a sentence with a preposition? No. It is not. I’m sorry. Kind of. 🙂

  • I like this. More cheese this way. Very smart. Brian is losing.

  • Ykcin, my love, you do realize this is the perfect setup for MikeWJ to make a joke about how he wants to be the cracker in a Nikiva cheese sandwich, right? I can tell I’m going to have to bash him on the head today.

  • I like it. Can you make a couple for me?

  • Yes, you are really living up to the “WWFC” theme this time. I do think this is a great idea though. Nicky…play nice today. No bashing heads.

  • A cracker in between two pieces of cheese is the best way to eat it, but I’ve never seen such white cheese. Pray tell of what kind it is. (olde English, of sorts)

  • That’s not backwards. That’s inside out. But it’s a great idea.

  • ReformingGeek

    Ah, yes. Love it. Hungry now.

  • Love it! And of course, now I want a snack!

  • I like my cheesy theme too. And I figured people are always driving MikeWJ crazy with cat pictures but nobody ever drives Ziva crazy with cheese pictures. It was long overdue. 🙂

  • I love this comment. Seriously.

  • You’re welcome. 🙂

    Oh, and that Nikiva sandwich sounds delightful.

  • Plenty for everyone, just c’mon by!

  • I’m trying to play nice but… well, no, I’m not really trying. 🙂

  • The cheese is local and called St Paulin, Babs. It’s similar in taste to havarti, if that helps.

  • It is not inside out. Upside-down, maybe. And thank you, I have great ideas every once in a… once.

  • Plenty more where that came from, Reffie!

  • You’ve got an open invitation, gorgeous!

  • HELL YES!!!

    *packs bags*

  • You will be punished for this.

  • Promise?

  • “I see no problem whatsoever”, she says ducking the bash to the head.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    The Nikiva sandwich sounds good?!

    I’m so there!

    Actually, where? Because Ziva lives in Finland and you live in…well, somewhere way north of America where they speak French — France, is it? — and I’m not sure how this cracker can get you two cheeses together. But I will, I assure you.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Please promise her, Ziva. My camera battery is fully charged.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    You had two great ideas today.

  • No need for you to duck, Traci. You like cheese and you didn’t make me participate in a photo challenge when I am photo-challenged. 🙂

  • Jackal

    I think I see mould?? 😉

  • Yes the Nikiva sandwich sounds good. Why so surprised? It’s not like I said a Nikivaichael sandwich sounds good. ‘Cause it doesn’t. At all.

    And je ne reste pas en France, espèce de con!

  • Mould?! On MY cheese?! NEVER!! 🙂

  • Mmmmm, too bad you didn’t 🙂

  • I’ve done that before… doesn’t seem backwards to me at all.

  • This is my idea of heaven, as would be an oreo in the same manner! DAMN… that makes me mad I didn’t think of the oreo!!!

  • I prefer your 30 Day of Cheese to yesterday’s 30 Days of Cats that seemed to be going around.

  • I think you should run with it. Not literally. Patent it and start cranking out the cracker sandwiches.

  • Ahahahaha! Best way to eat cheese and crackers!


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