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Ice Cream

Today is Day 1 of the 30 Days of Photographs IV challenge (aka Bob) hosted by Ziva and MikeWJ and the prompt is Ice Cream.

It was very kind of Ziva and MikeWJ to make Day 1 an easy, not to mention delicious prompt. I’m guessing they may have been suffering from collective brain freeze when they came up with a number of the other prompts on the list. But I won’t rag on Ziva and Mike about stupid prompts like Two Birds, One Stone. Or even stupider prompts like Tremor, Always, Frustration and Tolstoy. Or completely repulsive prompts like Mushroom. I’m sure they had very good reasons for picking them. Very good reasons. Like defective meds or incompetent therapists.

Or severe head trauma from being bashed on the head by their incompetent therapists after said therapists gave them too many defective meds. Whatever.

But I shouldn’t speculate, right? Today’s prompt is ice cream and everybody loves ice cream. So, I give you ice cream. Cherry cheesecake ice cream, to be precise.

Ice cream. My second favourite food.

Ice cream. My second favourite food.

For more ice cream and none of the guilt, please visit Ziva’s blog to see who else has participated. And feel free to bash her and MikeWJ on the head while you’re there.

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