Photo Challenges


Today is Day 7 of the 30 Days of Photographs IV challenge (aka Bob) hosted by Ziva and MikeWJ and the prompt is Seven.

Do you know how long it took me to get seven Laughing Cow cheese triangles to spiral like this without falling down? A really stupidly long time. And it was always the seventh triangle that tipped them all over. Six. Six would have been a much better prompt.


Now go visit Ziva’s blog to see who else has participated. And please bash Ziva and MikeWJ on the head seven times today. I’m fairly certain they’ll agree that six would have been better.

UPDATE – Please don’t bash any heads. This challenge is so much fun and I’m enjoying it immensely. Shower MikeWJ and Ziva with kisses instead and thank them profusely for hosting Bob. Ask them to extend the challenge into October because it’s just that much fun.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to buy more vodka. Celebratory vodka, of course. To celebrate the joy that is 30 Days of Photos IV and to toast MikeWJ and Ziva’s good health.

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