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September Photos: Berries, Grass and Urbanism

Photo Challenges just never seem to end, do they? As I sat down to put together something for P.J.’s September Photo Challenge while still reeling from Ziva and Mike WJ’s 30 Days of Photographs, I realized that the 30 day challenge came a day after P.J.‘s August challenge, so this will be the 32nd day in a row that I’m posting photos.

Yeah, I know. Boo hoo hoo.

Anyway, the theme for September 2013 is Outdoors. Here’s what I got.

1. Berries. These berries ripen in the month of September. They’re purple and vibrant and the local starlings love to eat them. Then they crap out purple birdshit all over the place. It’s quite colourful, actually.

autumn berries

2. Grassy.  I wanted the illusion that we were out far away in a field somewhere, but we’re actually in a parking lot. The city now plants the kind of stuff that doesn’t need alot of tending to. Remember how city workers used to endlessly mow medians? They’ve stopped that in various parts of the city. The trend is to now plant vegetation that a) needs little maintenance and b) reduces “heat islands” in the city so areas become more visually pleasing, less stifling in the summer, etc. Yay for plants.

grassy fields parking lot

3. Molson Stadium looked cool with the mist hitting the lights. It’s a grainy shot, but I like it.
molson stadium mist montreal

4. Homeless in the park. It’s warm tonight but winter will be here soon enough and the nights will be brutal.

jeanne mance park homeless
5. Concert Crowd. Kings of Leon gave a free concert tonight as a sort of kick off to hockey season. They played for only 30 minutes and this is pretty much all I saw. You suck, Kings of Leon!

kings of leon crowd montreal

By now you’ve probably already seen the rest of the entries for September’s Outdoor theme over at PJs. If not, head on over and check them out.


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    A lovely series of shots. The one of the stadium is very cool.

  • Nice pics, Mike. I particularly like the grassy one. Sorry the Kings of Leon sucked.

  • Lovely photos! Love the stadium pic especially.

  • You definitely captured the “outdoors” from top to bottom. I think the berries are my favorite.

  • lisa

    I laughed at your commentary on the berries! Thanks for the giggle. Love the grass shot and the pops of color in the night scenes.

  • Ha! A great set of photos, Mike. Love that one of Molson Stadium. Alouettes game? And the berries… purple birdshit. Ugh! Especially if it’s on a window!

  • Thanks! Mist does some neat things.

  • Thanks, Dufus. I’m not even really a fan. I just wanted to try for some concert shots. Next time.

  • It was way cooler in person 😉

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Yeah, it’s pretty funny, except it’s all over that tree! Kind of disgusting, but that’s why we have rain, right?

  • Yep. Thankfully the mess is contained to the berry tree.

  • I love the grass photo!. It’s like a painting. It makes me want to run my hands over the strands as I slowly walk by… and then stop to check for ticks because oh my god, they are everywhere!

  • I woke up this morning thinking about a comment you’d left about how similar our views through the lens are because we’re both drawn to capturing realism. During September, yours was the post I’d look forward to every day. I love everything about cities, except the idea of spending more than a day or two in any of them. It’s been so fun to spend time in your city as you see her. I like how you’ve captured the yin yang of your city with this set. Winter’s coming and it is going to be brutal for some and beautiful for others.

  • Haha…the mystery of nature. All at once beautiful and allergic reaction inducing. Thanks, Z.

  • Thanks, Cheryl. I appreciate the kind words. 🙂 I’ve always been fascinated by cities and everything about them. I’ve always been very much about balance and seeing multiple sides to everything, because nothing is black and white, although life would often be much simpler if it were 😉 For the person squatting in the park, I was initially going to go for a more detailed shot but reconsidered out of respect. I like the way it turned out: the left and right of the shot show 2 different views. Also: I need a tripod 😉

  • That last sentence cracked me up.My tripod has had a malfunctioning extension in one leg for a gazillion years. I don’t know why I waited until this spring to finally buy one that works, but I did. It really makes a difference for night and low-lighting conditions.

    I could tell you chose your angle and distance carefully with the squatter in the park. To me, that’s part of the code of city living ~ honoring and respecting the limited personal space each person has regardless of where they live.

  • GeoKs

    The mist in the lights is definitely cool…something I’ve never seen (or maybe just never noticed) before. But my favourite is the berries (and the commentary that goes with). We have similar berries here – they’re red, but the result after being eaten by the birds is just the same!

  • Paul

    I guess all sorts of shots can be included in the Outdoors category. One doesn’t normally think of nighttime shots when thinking about outdoors, but yours worked very well. Sorry the concert was so short. Your shot of the stadium almost makes it look like there’s a possible fire there.

  • I look forward to experimenting with one. I just need to find one that’s relatively lightweight. Actually, finding the time to go and look for one is the biggest part of this mission.

  • Thanks, Paul. It was one of those wet nights where the air was wet. Not quite raining, but damp enough that the wind was wet.

  • Yep, one has to wonder just how drunk those birds get on fermented berries 🙂

  • Holy cow… The smoke one… love it!

  • Oh wow! These are incredible!


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