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Spooky October Photo Challenge: Fall

So October is almost over and you all know what happens at the end of the month, right?Β  No, not THAT thing. The OTHER thing aka P.J.’s monthly photo challenge. This month’s theme is Fall, as in Autumn, or Fall as in falling down drunk because I drank too much for everybody’s birthdays (but mostly my own) this month. Maybe Fall represents the collective downfalls of all those turkeys we ate for Thanksgiving. The possibilities are endless, but thankfully we’re just going to post 5 photos on the subject except every photo is going to have some scary ass element in it because it’s October and October when things wither and die and we take part in the pagan rituals of Halloween. Yes, October is the scariest month of all.

1. Fall in Montreal. A leisurely stroll, beautiful colours, the cross perched upon Mount Royal and … oh god…municipal election campaign posters ruining the shot. I told you there would be scary elements in these photos. Look there on the right. Do you see him? It’s Richard Bergeron‘s face full of crackpot ideas and it’s peeking out at us through the bushes! I think his head might be haunted! Run!

roy autumn montreal mount royal cross

2. The Magical Cat. Here’s the thing. She’s not my cat but she’s been visiting for 4 years. We named her Marjo, but her real name is probably something weird like Ogdensberg. No one knows where she lives, and sometimes she sleeps over. Sometimes I don’t see her for days and sometimes she doesn’t want to leave when I have to go to work. So, I put out a litter box and leave her for the day. The crazy thing? She’s never used it. This leads me to conclude that she’s magic and probably haunted! And no, I have not found any “surprises” anywhere, although I did just get shivers just thinking about that.

autumn vine leaves calico cat

3. Pickled Tomatoes. It’s jarring and canning season since anyone who grew tomatoes usually has a large batch of green ones by the time fall rolls around.Β  I made some classic pickled ones as well as some spicy Szechuan ones (denoted by the red tomato). Also, I’m pretty sure these zombified tomatoes are haunted.
pickled tomatoes recipe garlic spicy

4. A Bike’s Downfall. This bike dressed up for Halloween as a vandalized 10 speed. Great costume! Looks so real! And haunted.
bicycle vandalised montreal

5. Wet Fallen Leaves. Finally, the requisite wet October leaves pic.Β  The sidewalks are slick with wet haunted leaves. It’s great. Happy Halloween, y’all.
wet fallen leaves on a sidewalk

Now go visit P.J.’s blog and link up for this months photo challenge.


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  • Great shots, Mike. That poor bike. I love that last shot. Nothing scary there. Unless you’re worried about what that street will look lie in several weeks with a bunch of white stuff on the ground.

  • Great pics, Mike. I think Marjo is awesome. Maybe she is magical. I never realized that she wasn’t your cat. Who knew that she was a wandering little nomad that comes and goes. Interesting that she doesn’t use the litter box. I hope you NEVER find any surprises.

    Funny about the bike being in costume. Yes, very scary looking.

    The fall leaves look exactly the same as my yard. I would of thought Canadian wet leaves would of been prettier than Kansas wet leaves. Nope.

  • madmadmargo

    Wow, you really do have some great shots here. I particularly like A Bike’s Downfall. Happy Halloween!

  • ReformingGeek

    Oh, I love that pretty cat and the creeper leaves. You have some nice, colorful shots. That poor bike, though. Sigh.

  • Love the last two photos. Fancy smashing a bike up like that – haunted or not.

  • Those photos are amazing, Mike! Your “fall colors” are wonderful too. It almost makes me wish I was there but we have 70 degree temperatures here so I can’t come up right now. Maybe when it snows!

  • lisa

    You live in an amazingly haunted area! I’m thinking Marjo may be a Jellical Cat (yes, I’ve seen CATS too many times to count). Love the bike costume! πŸ™‚

  • Those are wonderful shots. My favorite is the wet leaf picture. The cat looks like it’s praying to the haunted leaf God. : ) I love your haunted theme for the challenge. Great idea!

  • Mike Davis

    I’m jealous of all the fall colors. I’m not envious on the leaf raking though!

  • jo W

    count me in as a fan … i love each and every one of these shots … especially the cat … wonderful point of view.

  • Absolutely haunting. I love the cat sitting there staring up. I’m sure she’s magical.

  • Ahhh! I love these, particularly the cat. Gorgeous. Pinterest worthy, even! πŸ™‚

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Aw … poor bike. I don’t think it’s dressed up at all!

    The cat is a pretty thing. I bet she has another home somewhere.

  • Some great images here, Mike. Love that shot of the cat. And the bike. Things like that are really quite cool. And I like that you had different interpretations of fall. Well done!

  • I’m looking forward to the first few snows as I usually do, but by February, I’ve pretty much had it, like most people.

  • Thanks, Cheryl. She’s a really great cat and who she actually belongs to remains a mystery if she belongs anyone at all. I mean, someone is giving her that lion cut every summer, right?

    And yep. Wet leaves are wet leaves anywhere you go πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks, Margo. Happy Halloween to you too πŸ™‚

  • I have a rule about locking up my own bike. Never, ever, lock it up outside of a bar.

  • Thanks, Babs. Good thing it was locked up this whole time πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks, Linda. Winter is a great time to visit, so come on up πŸ™‚

  • Thanks, Lisa. I completely forgot about Jellicle cats. It’s been a very long time since I saw the play myself.

  • Thanks, Lauren. As long as there are leaves, it looks like she’ll just stare at them and be mesmerized by the motion. As of today though, there’s not one leaf left on that wall.

  • Thanks Mike. Not to worry, most of those leaves blow onto my neighbours yard πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks, Jo πŸ™‚

  • Thanks, Chelle, pin away, at will πŸ™‚

  • Thanks, P.J., looking forward to next month already.

  • You’re probably right. We’ve been thinking that she’s got at least 3 or 4 homes on her circuit.

  • Thanks, Linda. She’s magical alright!

  • Paul

    Fabulous stuff in this collection. I got to go with the wall of vine leaves, mainly because I’m a sucker for a Calico cat.

  • These are SO COOL… I love seeing where you live. Everything is so different and yet the same as well. My favorite is the kitty… that is an EXCELLENT picture. And wow, the bikes.. WOW!

  • I think that first photo is the scariest of them all, but I really like the one of the bike, too. And you really should offer your readers some pickled tomatoes. Don’t you have any manners?

  • GeoKs

    You put together a great set of photos and I really enjoyed how you tied them all together with the “haunted” theme. I was particularly impressed with how you managed the depth of field in the cat / wall of leaves photo. But my favourite is the last one of the wet (and blowing? how is that even possible?) leaves.

    PS – Aren’t you glad municipal elections are over for a few years now? (except for maybe in Toronto?)


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