Doing Things Differently

Doing Things Differently

A little over eight years ago, I met Jepeto. I was 36 and in the best shape of my life. I weighed a hundred and twelve pounds, worked out regularly, ate well and – although I was a smoker – had tons of energy and felt fantastic.

Eight years later, I’m 44 and haven’t worked out in at least six years. I’ve put on close to twenty pounds, eat too much junk and – although I quit smoking nearly a year ago – I have zero energy and feel like crap most of the time. Basically, I’m just a bathing cap away from this:

fat woman

So maybe I exaggerate a little. But just a little.

Seriously, I am so out of shape, I get winded just from blinking too fast.

So when I read my friend Meleah’s post a couple weeks back about how she was going to be Doing Things Differently starting November 4th and asking if anyone felt like joining in, I immediately realized that this was the perfect opportunity for me to get my butt in gear.

If you don’t know about Doing Things Differently, Meleah describes it this way: “It’s one task, per day, of your choice, that will enhance your life, except it should be something you wouldn’t normally do, which is why it’s called doing things differently.”

And while she is choosing to “exercise: my mind, body, and spirit – in order to feel better: mentally, physically, and emotionally.”, I opted to start with my physical self first… seeing as I don’t, as of yet, have quite enough saved up for the team of experts needed to work on my mental and emotional health.

So, today is Day 1. Yesterday, in preparation, I went grocery shopping with a very precise list in hand. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats – check. Anything with a ‘Pepperidge Farm’, ‘Mr Christie’ or ‘Frito Lay’ label was decidedly ignored.

Especially these. The force is strong in these. They will bring you to the dark side.

Especially these. The force is strong in these. Bring you to the dark side, they will.

Also? I signed up at a gym. Right around the corner from my office so there’s no excuse for not going. Today. Right after work.

Because I’ve decided enough is enough. I want to be one itsy bitsy teeny weeny black and white polka dot bikini away from this instead:

hot woman

Also, this picture makes me think bellybutton piercings might not be so ten years ago.

So, anyone else care to join in?






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  • This truly does sound like a great thing and I wish you well in your quest. I’ve been slowly trying to do some things differently over the past few years. Some have worked out well, others not so much. But truthfully, I’m locked in my rotation until one major thing changes in my life. Once that does, the rest happens with it.

    I’ll look forward to your updates, though! 🙂

  • Yay! Nicky!! I’m sooo happy you’re doing this with me! XOXOX

  • PS: ” I am so out of shape, I get winded just from blinking too fast.” – That cracked me the hell up!

  • Nah, I’ll revel in my post-menopausal, matronly, bathing cap-wearing self. And how the hell did you get that pic of me at the beach?

  • Nicky, you are a far cry from that babe in the swimming cap! You certainly look more like the bikini body! I’m doing things differently too. I’m going into my kitchen and not shuddering!

  • I’m six months ahead with the exercises, but I’m still joining in. My aim is to stop my life long habit of hanging new clothes in the wardrobe to wear on special outings or events, that never seem to come up. I have too many clothes that still have the shop label on them! Today I’m lounging around the house in a new jumper 😉

  • Baby, you are perfect the way you are. I’d do you. In fact, I kind of did, didn’t I…? Damn, I want another Nikiva.

  • ReformingGeek

    Three cheesy (low-fat) cheers for you! Good Luck and don’t do too much too fast!

  • I have seen pictures of you and you are not anywhere close to that picture. I am a big fan of exercise as it is good for both body and spirit but I don’t think you are headed in that direction.

    I, too am wanting to do things differently but not in the area of exercise. (I do that a lot..a whole lot) I need to organize my time better so I get more productive things accomplished and waste less time messing with the computer.

  • You are a boon to my ego, Cheryl! I am a big fan of exercise too, but since I had Max I haven’t been able to get back into it. Until now! I’m sore as hell, but it feels good. And yeah, the computer can be a crazy time suck… if you figure out a way to stop that, please share!

  • Thanks Reffie! I’m trying to pace myself… don’t want to injure myself when I’ve just gotten started.

  • You are a wonderful liar, Lemmikki. And yes, you kind of did. 🙂

  • Good for you, Babs! I think you should wear a new jumper every day and then dress in more formal wear for dinner! It’s only civilised 🙂

  • Oh hon, you are so sweet but it’s been a while since I’ve had bikini body! Your kitchen looks so gorgeous already, I’m not surprised you’re enjoying spending time in there now.

  • LOL, you never know where my spies are Tami! 🙂

  • xoxoxox

  • Thank you, sweet thing! I really appreciate that you sent out the call to action.

  • It really is a good thing, P.J. And while it’s always a little tough getting started, I know that it doesn’t take long before I’ll be able to see and feel the difference!

  • 🙂

  • I should totally join you but I probably won’t as I’m joyfully overwhelmed with living in a new city, working a new job and eating unhealthy food for the sheer joy of it. Soon though. Soon.

  • It seems like whenever I decide to “ramp up” my exercise, that’s when I hurt myself.

  • You’re 44?! Damn. You’re a puppy, woman. I had you pegged for 36 tops.

  • It’s exciting to make that decision and actually take a step towards it. Be sure to post a picture of your belly button art when the time comes!

    (Wait, what’s going to happen to all the uneaten cheese?)

  • YOU GO GIRL! I go to the gym three times a week, four in the winter… and on the weekends I hike or swim or walk or fish… I am always active. But I am struggling with my age and thyroid and impending menopause woo hoo…. I think that might be me in the first bathing suit!

  • I read this a while ago, got distracted (I might have been at work) and didn’t leave a comment. But I’m back and commend you for jumping into DTD. It takes guts to get rid of a gut or something. I shouldn’t be allowed online after 8 p.m.

    I love this line: “Seriously, I am so out of shape, I get winded just from blinking too fast.” You are so funny. But seriously, can you lose weight from blinking too fast?

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